The Bathtub Gin Spritz is the easiest summer cocktail you’ll ever make

Never has something so impressive taken such luxuriously little effort.

If there’s something we like even more than a gin cocktail in the sun here at The Luxe Review, it’s a gin cocktail in the sun that is as easy to make as it is to sip. 

We’ve found just that in this light and delicate Bathtub Spritz – a cocktail so elegant, that if it was indeed brewed in its namesake bathtub, it must surely be a rolltop, claw footed, Ritz-bathroom-worthy affair.

That’s because Ableforth’s Bathtub Gin, which provides the base to this cocktail is a punchy yet haute, high-end spirit, double infused for extra flavour.

We’ve tested the gin (a few rounds at a time, just to be sure) at TLR Towers, and can confirm that whether you’re using it to create an astoundingly simple summer beverage, or a classic G&T, your serve is sure to be made even more flavoursome using this copper pot-distilled gin. It boasts a juniper-rich bouquet, with top notes of cardamom and orange blossom, and an earthier botanical initial palate, before giving way to a cardamom and cinnamon finish. 

Here’s how to create the most simple, yet refined, cocktail of the summer. 

Bathtub Spritz


  • 50 ml Bathtub Gin
  • 150 ml Elderflower Presse


  • Add all ingredients over ice in a wine glass.
  • Garnish with a lemon slice.
  • And that’s it!

You can stock up on Bathtub Gin at Master of Malt here.

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