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This new range of tropical botanical gins and garden party liqueurs will lift your spirits

Its image may have taken a bit of a battering in social circles as its popularity boomed, but unapologetic gin lovers will be intrigued by Haysmiths, a new collection of own-label botanical gins from supermarket chain Aldi.  

Making their debut on shelves this week (panic buying notwithstanding), the new tipples are priced at a mere £15.99 (37.5 per cent), and promise a taste of the tropics, with the flavours of Peach & Orange Blossom, Mango & Passionfruit and Seville Orange & Persian Lime.

The latter promises an initial citrus burst of fresh lime, followed by notes of juniper, cinnamon and sweet orange.  Haysmith’s Peach & Orange Blossom gin boasts a sweeter nose with a lingering finish, while Haysmith’s Mango & Passionfruit gin is more typically tropical, with hints of floral and citrus aromas, and a rich mango profile.

We’re told Aldi currently sells over 10 million bottles of gin every year, so it’s clearly doing something right!  

Unapologetic gin lovers will be intrigued by Haysmiths, a new collection of own-label botanical gins…

A tempting array of party flavours

Also coming from the brand are seven new spirits with the garden party season (let’s stay positive!) in mind, including District by Mason’s Rhubarb & Grapefruit gin (£19.99), and Infusionist liqueurs such as Strawberry & Watermelon Crush Vodka liqueur (£11.99) and Summer Trifle gin liqueur (£9.99), a boozy take on a classic dessert.

The Infusionist Summer Trifle gin liqueur combines the sweet taste of raspberry jelly with  the creamy notes of vanilla and custard. The Infusionist Raspberry & Watermelon gin is rather more tart, while the Infusionist Strawberry Lemonade gin liqueur in partnership with Didsbury Gin, is a vibrant red take on a summer classic. 

Also created in partnership with Didsbury Gin, the Infusionist Raspberry, Vanilla & Coconut gin liqueur is a tad more exotic exotic. Finally, the Infusionist Strawberry & Watermelon Crush Vodka liqueur, in partnership with Two Birds Spirits, sounds like the perfect compliment to a glass of bubbles.

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