Panasonic JZ2000 looks like the king of the 2021 OLED TV jungle, here’s why…

Panasonic has thrown down the gauntlet to rival TV manufacturers, unveiling its new range-leading OLED TV at the virtual CES 2021. The incoming JZ2000 is the best specified premium OLED screen we’ve seen yet from the brand, with the widest level of HDR support and a raft of advanced features to satisfy film fans and gamers.

The JZ2000 boasts HDMI 2.1 features like high frame rate 120fps support for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, as well as a new HCX Pro AI image processor with accompanying AI image mode. 

Acknowledging so few of us choose to manually fiddle with image settings, this new smart picture mode makes all the right tweaks for you, depending on what you’re watching. Final colour tuning has been handled by leading Hollywood colourist Stefan Sonnenfeld.

HCX Pro AI identifies content in real time, comparing it to a library of content that it has learned, and automatically adjusting for the best results.

HCX Pro AI identifies content in real time, automatically adjusting for the best results…

The HCX Pro AI processor is the most powerful yet from Panasonic

Panasonic cites examples: ‘If it detects that you are watching football, it adjusts the picture to make the grass more life-like, the players more three-dimensional, while also automatically adjusting the sound to make it feel like you are right there inside the stadium. On the other hand, if it detects that you are watching a film, it dials in the most accurate colours and – based on the knowhow Panasonic has learned though its long-term Hollywood collaborations – adjusts the picture quality to give the more cinematic experience.’

The HCX Pro AI Processor also benefits gamers, bringing latency down to around 14ms in the Game Mode Extreme mode, which is a big improvement on previous Panasonic OLEDs.

HDR format support covers Dolby Vision IQ, Dolby Vision, Filmmaker Mode with Intelligent Sensing, HLG Photo and for the first time, HDR10+ Adaptive. The latter, like Dolby Vision IQ dynamically adapts HDR content to your room lighting.  

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The set also promises better cinematic audio, adding two additional side-firing speakers to the brand’s height and forward facing array, seen on previous models. During the CES presentation, Academy Award winning sound designer Glenn Freemantle endorsed the telly, declaring its performance “really impressive.” Fremantle took home an Oscar for his sound work on Gravity and is one of the most respected sound designers in the business. 

“The weight of the sound was really nice, with Dolby Atmos you could really feel the sound move,” he said.

The JZ2000 will also introduce a new version of Panasonic’s My Home Screen 6.0 platform, complete with a My Scenery mode, which allows you to choose a selection of restful images and videos, or set your own, to reflect your mood or time of day. 

There’s also dual Bluetooth Connection, allowing the TV to transmit sound to two separate Bluetooth devices simultaneously.  

The final specification and pricing for the JZ200 will be released by Panasonic in March.

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