High-end Sony 2021 smart TVs introduce Cognitive Intelligence, and trade Android for Google TV

Sony has announced the world’s first TVs boasting Cognitive Intelligence. It sounds like the plot of a fifties Sci-Fi movie, but is in fact the latest example of advanced picture processing to come from the premium screen brand.

Sony says its new 2020 BRAVIA XR flatscreens feature a processor so smart they can mimic the human brain when it comes to picture recognition and image quality.

The XR picture engine is able to focus on natural focal points in an image, dividing the screen into zones, and identifying the ‘focal point’ of the picture (which could be a central character in the frame, or a specific object), then enhancing it for maximum believability. The result is the most lifelike TV images yet, promises Sony.  

Sony is the latest big name TV brand to preview its new TVs and concept products at the virtual CES 2021 event.

New 2020 Sony BRAVIA XR flatscreens will feature a processor so smart they can mimic the human brain when it comes to picture recognition…

The 85-inch Sony 8k Z9J is so smart it knows what you’re watching

Due from this Spring onwards, the Sony Bravia XR line-up comprises the 8k MASTER Series Z9J (85- and 75-inch) , 4k  MASTER Series A90J (83-, 65- and 55-inch) OLED sets; A80J (77-, 65- and 55- models) 4k OLED TV, X95J (85-, 75- and 65-inch) 4k LED and X90J (75-, 65-, 55- and 50-inch) 4K LED TVs.

All these new BRAVIA XR TVs also belatedly boast advanced HDMI connectivity, making them as attractive to gamers as movie fans, offering support for 120fps high frame rate 4k, Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) and eARC. Some of our favourite acronyms.

Intriguingly, Sony is also switching from the Android smart portal, to the all-new Google TV. The first of the big TV brands to make the switch, Google TV offers a completely new interface, albeit with all the usual streaming services onboard.  

Buyers of these new big brain XR models are also promised access to a new streaming movie service, Bravia Core, built by Sony Pictures. This will offer a choice of new movies and classic library titles, delivered in ultra high quality using Pure Stream technology, which Sony says has the fidelity to match Blu-ray (provided your broadband is up to snuff).

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