Philips 55-inch OLED907 4k HDR TV review: I thought this TV would be great, but it’s better than that

Philips OLED907 OLED TV is a high end apartment

The Philips OLED907 is a high-end 4k HDR OLED smart TV that boasts impressive tech specs and a stylish design. If you’re looking for a flatscreen that’s a cut above average, it’s well worth shortlisting; the model has been awarded both iF and Red Dot design awards.

Adding to its lifestyle appeal is Ambilight, Philips proprietary lounge lighting system. It’s here in three-sided guise. Small LEDs run around the rear of the set, washing nearby walls in bright, pulsating colours.

Another standout feature of the OLED907 is the integrated Bowers & Wilkins designed soundbar, which provides excellent audio. The TV also takes a universal approach to HDR support, with Dolby Vision, HDR10+Adaptive and HLG all included.

I’ve had the 55-inch model on the test bench, and have been blown away by its performance. I thought it would be great (Philips has been on a winning streak for a few years now), but it’s better than that.

Picture quality is exceptional, with outstanding dynamics, lush colours, and pin-sharp detail…

Picture quality is exceptional, with outstanding dynamics, lush colours, and pin-sharp detail. The OLED907 is built around an OLED.EX panel with Philips’ own ‘Royal’ designation, allowing for greater peak luminance which is key to an outstanding HDR presentation.

It also has bulletproof usability. The OLED907 runs on the Android 11 smart TV OS and comes with a Freeview Play terrestrial tuner with built-in catch-up services.

Rear connections include four HDMIs, a digital optical audio output, subwoofer pre-out, three USB ports, and Ethernet. Two of the four HDMI inputs support 4k 120HZ gameplay from a PlayStation 5 or Xbox. It includes Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity as standard.

The OLED907 (sometimes dubbed OLED+907) is available in three screen sizes: 48-, 55-, and 65-inches, priced at £1799, £1,999, and £2,999, respectively.

Philips OLED907 OLED 4k TV: your questions answered

What are the advantages of the Android TV OS on the Philips OLED907 4k smart TV?

The Android smart platform includes curated content rails to help navigate content, quick launch buttons for streaming services, Chromecast built-in for smartphone pairing, and Google Assistant voice support. If you want to stream Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube or Disney+ (to name a few of the big guns), they’re all available, so no need to buy an additional streaming stick.

How does the Freeview Play feature enhance the viewing experience on the Philips OLED907 4k smart TV?

You won’t miss a thing. The Freeview Play tuner comes with eleven on-demand players; BBC iPlayer, ITVX, All 4, My5, UKTV Play, CBS Catchup Channels UK, Legend, STV Player, POP Player, PBS America, and BBC Sounds, as well as a huge selection of free On-Demand content, over 60,000 hours at the last count.  

What is the Philips lounge-lighting Ambilight system, and how does it work on the OLED907?

Ambilight is a multicoloured background lighting effect that mimics the hues of on-screen content. It can also function as a static mood light, or a white bias backlight. It works by projecting LED light onto the wall behind the TV, creating an immersive viewing experience. On this set there are lights on the rear left, right and across the top.

Can you customise the Ambilight system?
Yes, the system has several options. You can choose from a variety of colour schemes, including a country flag effect. It can also be integrated with an existing Hue smart lighting system, as part of a larger, living room smart lighting design.

Is the Bowers & Wilkins sound system on the OLED907 good for home cinema?

Not in an immersive surround sound sense. It’s a 3.1 audio system with a forward facing speaker array, and rear-mounted subwoofer. What it does deliver is outstanding clarity and a wide stereo soundstage. Total power output is rated at 80W so it’ll fill most rooms too. If you want immersive cinematic sound, you can bitstream Dolby Atmos from Netflix and Disney+, etc, out of the TV using ARC HDMI, to a separate home cinema sound system.

How does the Philips OLED907 4k smart TV perform for gaming, and what features does it have to enhance the gaming experience?

I reckon the OLED907 is a great choice for gamers. It has ALLM auto games mode selection, a dedicated games settings bar and Freesync Premium and NVIDIA G-Sync/AMD Freesync compatibility.

What is the input lag like on the Philips OLED907 4k smart TV, and how does it compare to other TVs in its class?

I measured latency at 15.4ms (with 1080/60 content), which is reasonable but not leading edge. It compares favourably to other TVs in its price bracket.

What is the Monitor mode on the Philips OLED907 4k smart TV, and how does it work?

The Monitor mode enables 4k 120fps playback in full resolution. This provides a smoother, more immersive gaming experience, with superb clarity.

How does the NVIDIA G-Sync compatibility of the Philips OLED907 4k smart TV enhance the PC gaming experience?

NVIDIA G-Sync synchronizes the refresh rate of the TV with the output of compatible NVIDIA graphics cards, reducing screen tearing and providing a smoother, more immersive experience.

How does the overall picture quality of the Philips OLED907 4k smart TV compare to other high-end TVs on the market?

The Philips OLED907 can legitimately be considered a high-end performer and is comparable to other high-end OLED TVs. It’s extremely bright for its class – I measured peak HDR brightness at 1,146 nits with a 10 per cent measurement patch – making it a strong choice for both bright room viewing and dark room movie screenings.

Philips 55-inch OLED907: our verdict

We think the Philips OLED907 TV is a fantastic 4k flatscreen. It would be a great choice for anyone who is looking for a premium UHD smart TV with advanced features such as the Ambilight system, gaming capabilities, and voice assistant support.

Additionally, those who value a superior visual and audio experience for movies, sports, and gaming will also appreciate the Philips OLED907.

We give it multiple thumbs up. The Philips 55OLED907 is available from Amazon here.

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