How to become a Kittitian RumMaster at the Caribbean’s oldest surviving rum distillery

Visitors savour local rum around a run barrel bathed in St Kitts sunshine

Raise a glass to adventure and immerse yourself in the intoxicating world of rum, on the paradise island of St. Kitts. 

Introducing the Kittitian RumMaster program, a unique opportunity to delve into the history and art of rum distillation and mixology, run by the St. Kitts Tourism Authority for rum lovers and curious travellers alike.

Sip, savour and learn as you gain hands-on experience in creating your own signature spiced rum, and master the art of crafting rum-based cocktails. This immersive experience is designed for both rumbullion enthusiasts and those eager to discover the spirit’s rich heritage. Here’s what you need to know…

This immersive experience is designed for both rum enthusiasts and those eager to discover the spirit’s rich heritage…

The experience begins at the Wingfield Estate, home of the Caribbean‘s oldest surviving rum distillery.  During this Kittitian RumMaster course, rum expert Jack Widdowson (founder of Old Road Rum company) will teach rum theory and the history of rum production methods.  

The recently excavated distillery is located on the 18th-century sugar cane plantation owned by a direct ancestor of Thomas Jefferson.  While sipping Old Road Rum and learning the history, guests will see a preserved aqueduct, chimney, mill house, boiling house, and lime kiln and learn how to label their own rum bottle.

Part two takes place at the lively Spice Mill Restaurant on Cockleshell Bay and is run by rum expert Roger Brisbane. This course will showcase spiced rum creation methodology,  rum-blending techniques, and cocktail creations. 

Brisbane continues to innovate the rum space for St. Kitts with Hibiscus Spirits, created by infusing handpicked and locally grown Roselle Hibiscus calyx, known as sorrel, to flavour the rum and create a natural red colour.  Clearly not your average grog!

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Bookings for the Kittitian RumMaster programme cost $150 per person. To sign up, click here.

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