This boutique hotel in Kyoto’s geisha district offers a luxury twist on the traditional ryokan

The exterior of the Kyoto Sowata hotel invites visitors to step back in time, here two geishas stroll past

Step back in time and indulge in luxury at Kyoto’s newest hidden gem, The Sowaka Hotel. Nestled in the charming and historic Gion geisha district, this 23-room boutique bolt-hole will transport you to a world of traditional Japanese elegance. Recently renovated and featuring a 12-room annex with modern Japanese design, this insta-friendly hotel offers the perfect blend of old and new.

Part of a large-scale renovation of a 100 year-old building in the Sukiya-zukuri residential architectural style, it combines the hospitality of a traditional ryokan with experiential luxury. 

If you’re planning a long delayed Japan trip, and aim to visit Kyoto, it’s our hot tip for an outstanding overnight stay. 

Given that Kyoto is also one of Japan’s best-known sake-brewing districts, guests are encouraged to experience the sake of Fushimi…

Location makes a vacation. Here you can experience the hospitality of a traditional ryokan, without compromise, as you immerse yourself in the culture of the geisha district.

Take a stroll through the streets and catch a glimpse of passing geiko, or indulge in a traditional tea ceremony. The Gion district is also home to some of Kyoto’s best restaurants and bars, so you can indulge in the local cuisine.

Given that Kyoto is also one of Japan’s best-known sake-brewing districts, guests are encouraged to experience the sake of Fushimi. There’s a welcome sake drink on arrival and the opportunity to enjoy a sake-infused bath!

Guestrooms at the Kyoto Sowata feature locally-sourced artisan items; authenticity is the name of your stay.

La Bombance, Sowata’s restaurant, offers traditional Japanese cuisine with creative modern flair. La Bombance is managed by the team behind the Michelin star rated Tokyo establishment of the same name.

Exclusive customised guest experiences are also on the menu. During Japan’s cherry blossom festival and the autumn foliage season, guests can enjoy a private after-hours tour of Kodai-ji Temple, sunrise or sunset tours of Kiyomizu-dera, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and an exclusive guided tour of the gardens of Nanzenji, Murinan and Chishakuin. 

If you’re planning a long-awaited Japan trip, be sure you shortlist the Kyoto Sowaka Hotel. To learn more and book a stay at the Sowaka, click here.

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