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LG offers a radical new take on TV with stunning new designer OLED Evo and all-wireless screens

The LG Objet TV 65Art90 screen in partila view mode

LG has unveiled two stunning new designer lifestyle TVs, expected to go on sale 2022. The 65-inch Objet OLED TV (model 65Art90) features a unique canvas sliding cover to fit with a variety of interior design styles, while the 27-inch StanbyME (model 27Art10)  is an all-wireless, battery powered model that can be viewed anywhere around the house.  

Says LG: ‘With their unprecedented form factors and functionality, these distinctive products are the perfect solutions for today’s multifunctional homes, where working, learning, entertaining and relaxing are all part of the daily mix.’

The LG Objet’s fabric cover can be raised or lowered by remote control. When fully lowered, to reveal the full extent of the screen, it looks much like any other flagship OLED TV; when partially lowered, only a selection of lifestyle functions are revealed. It’s a novel twist on the rollable OLED R design first shown by LG several years ago.

The LG Objet’s fabric cover can be raised or lowered by remote control. It’s a novel twist on the rollable OLED R design first shown by LG several years ago…

LG Objet TV 65Art90 leans against a wall
The 65ART90 props up against the wall like a painting

In Full View mode, the 65-inch Objet TV is a fully functioning OLED Evo panel with advanced AV processor. It features a built-in 80W, 4.2 channel sound system for cinematic sound. When set to Line View, the TV displays a date clock, acts as a music player displaying album art, or in Gallery mode displays art images.

The interchangeable fabric cover is from Danish textile innovator, Kvadrat. The three available colors (Beige, Redwood and Green) have all been carefully selected for their ability to match a wide colour palette and blend in with a range of interior designs, says the manufacturer.

Installation is novel too. The TV is designed to be leaned against a wall at an angle of up to 5 degrees, much like art might be presented in a modern gallery. Crafty cable management allows for the connection of a set-top box or game console, without spoiling the arty illusion.

A viewer twists an LG StanbyME TV
Vertical or horizontal, the StanbyME lets you choose

The second model in LG’s new Lifestyle TV lineup, the all wireless StanbyME, is described as an entertainment centre. It has a built-in battery attached to a moveable stand with concealed wheels that allows for three hours of viewing before recharging. Users simply wheel the screen from room to room as required.

The 27-inch display can be used for general TV, WFH video conferencing or online chats with friends and family.

The set’s ergonomic design allows the screen to be swivelled, tilted and rotated, in both landscape and portrait orientation. The height can also be adjusted, to best suit whatever the viewing environment requires; the completely wireless design makes it suitable for use on patios and in conservatories.

LG StanbyME viwed on a patio
The StanbyME can run for three hours wirelessly

Features include Mobile Screen Mirroring, which works with the latest Android and iOS smartphones and NFC. A removable cradle lets the viewer place a phone on top of the StanbyME  for video calls, online classes and so on. There’s also the option of wired USB and HDMI connections.

LG is also promising a variety of control options, including remote, touch and gesture recognition. ‘The user interface designed specifically for this product is unlike any TV UI and is tailored to the viewer’s personal viewing experience,’ says the firm.

Design elements include a stylish rear cover clad in a textural fabric and finished in an exclusive Pure Beige colour. When not being used as a TV, the StanbyME can display artworks, photos or a calendar with clock.

Both models are the first of several new launches to be announced by LG as part of its virtual CES 2022 product reveals. Stay tuned for more.

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