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Digital art brand CineFrames launches with classic movie NFT collection, partners Disney

Cineframes digital art prints and NFTs on display

The history of cinema is celebrated by CineFrames, a new digital art brand. Its first collection, created by Vass, was unveiled at Somerset House last week and then auctioned with all proceeds donated to the charity War Child UK.

The artworks are photographic mosaics created from thousands of still frames. Each theatrical poster is composed of thousands of images, essentially the entire film. When the digital artwork is viewed on a touch screen, you can zoom in to view individual frames.

The selected movies cover a variety of genres, from noir thrillers to cult horror; all are public domain works. Each piece is available as a limited edition print or digital artwork supplied as an Non-Fungible Token (NFT). 

The collection also includes classic magazines, including Vogue, Rolling Stone and Vanity Fair.

Blockchain based NFT data is essentially a unique digital signature that allows people to own a digital file. The limited edition physical prints will also come with an NFT, providing a secure certification of authenticity. 

Each piece is available as a limited edition print, or digital artwork supplied as an NFT…

Cineframes Sanjay Wadhwani poses in from of an NFT screen
CineFrames topper Sanjay Wadhwani heralds NFT a new opportunity for artists

CineFrames is the brainchild of entrepreneur and investor Sanjay Wadhwani, who says forthcoming collections will be launched in a series of drops, each featuring digital artworks created in partnership with IP owners around the world.

“I love the concept and creation of the artworks themselves and I believe they are some of the most innovative NFTs I have seen in today’s market,” he says. “With CineFrames we want be at the forefront of a new industry, at the intersection of art and technology.” It’s an opportunity for artists and copyright holders to generate new income, he says.

Steamboat Willy NFT revealed
CineFrames unveils Steamboat Willy NFT artwork

At the Somerset House launch, Cineframes revealed the first of its studio collaborations, with Disney, specifically an iconic image of 1928’s Steamboat Willy, the first Mickey Mouse cartoon with synchronized sound.

Wadhwani described CineFrames as a passion project.  “As a lifelong fan of movies, music, and video games, Vass showed me the artworks they had created, a collection of pieces celebrating their heroes and icons that they had discovered in their youth, and I was immediately captivated by them.

Zoom into digital frame reveals images from movie
Zoom into the digital art mosaic to reveal an entire movie

“For me, a child of the ’70s and ’80s, my greatest artists of all time have included filmmakers like Francis Ford Coppola, Martin Scorsese, Quentin Tarantino, and Alfred Hitchcock. Artworks celebrating their magnificent work will always have a place in my home.”

CineFrames is just the start, says the entrepreneur.  A larger hybrid art and NFT platform covering all aspects of popular culture, be it films, television, music, sports or games, will follow, called MetaFrames.

A selection of Cineframes History of Cinema NFTlaunch
Looks like you’ll need some big touchscreens to make the most of these digital posters…

“Art will transform in the next decade because of innovative technology. Static 2D images mounted on walls will be replaced by digital screens capable of displaying multi-dimensional art. I can see homes with digital art frames displaying collections of artworks that can be interacted with while it is on display,” says Wadhwani.

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