Phillip Schofield launches Italian red in flat green recycled plastic bottles

Red is going green with the launch of a new wine offering from TV celeb and wine enthusiast Phillip Schofield. The ITV presenter has collaborated with craft wine specialist When in Rome Wine to launch Schofield’s Italian organic Nero di Troia in Garçon Wines flat plastic bottles. 

The innovative bottles are made from 100 per cent recycled PET plastic. The design is 40 per cent spatially smaller than regular glass wine bottles, saving storage space and weight. Perfect for the summer picnic hamper, we reckon.  It can be delivered in letterbox friendly packages too!

This red is produced by La Cantina di Andria in Puglia, and usually offered in a 2.25 litre bag-in-box. It’s best enjoyed with black olives, focaccia, roast lamb and scamorza cheese, suggests the supplier.

A fruity white Falanghina and dry pale pink Rosato verona Rosé are also offered by Schofield in the same box wine format. 

This Italian red is best enjoyed with black olives, focaccia, roast lamb and scamorza cheese, suggests the supplier…

What’s red, green and white all over?

Schofield partnered with When in Rome in 2020, with an aim to provide greener and more convenient options to single-use glass bottles. Garçon Wines suggest glass bottles to be the single largest contributor to the carbon footprint of wine. When in Rome suggests this new flat bottle option provides wine lovers with new accessible ways to enjoy wine sustainably.  

“My mission is to bring premium wines to market that provide wine lovers with more sustainable options when purchasing, without compromising on quality,” says Schofield. “I’m really proud of how my range is developing and how, with When in Rome we can continue to champion sustainability within this category and evolve and strengthen alternative format packaging.” 

When in Rome Wine CEO Rob Malin describes the launch as a category shifter, allowing “more people to join the party, with further choice, when it comes to drinking more sustainably.”

The new Nero di Troia 75cl bottle typically sells for a tenner, and is available to order here.


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