Luxury deli launches online farmer’s market for a taste of Europe, Christmas hampers are to dine for!

Luxury delicatessen Delicario has launched what it describes as an online international farmers market for hand-picked food and wine, sourcing from artisan producers across Europe.

Curated by a small team of specialists, the aim is to offer buyers a rich selection of food and drink from family-run businesses, as either individual items or in gift boxes and hampers.

Specialities including charcuterie, truffles and mushrooms, wine and champagne, paté and creams as well as artisan pasta, sauces and baked as well as sweet treats. 

Curated by a small team of specialists from the luxury services industry, the aim is to offer buyers a rich selection of food and drink from family-run businesses…

The Delicario Gourmet hamper looks a feast

A dedicated hamper section offers a range of tempting collection – ‘Delicario Christmas Temptation Hamper’ with Damien Buffet brut rosé champagne and Vossignoria cheese laced with truffle, Ascolano olives from Piceno and Croccantino dark chocolate from Campania, while the ‘Delicario Dinner for Two Hamper’  with Bellota Iberian ham, Calabrian Capocollo and Marettimo cheese with sprigs of thyme, accompanied by the ‘haute-couture’ of champagne, followed by pure Wagyu beef rib-eye and a full-bodied Barbera D’Alba. 

Sounds rather like a Christmas gift solution to us! Hampers can also be individually tailored, for a personal touch.

Attention to detail is high. The website offers inspirational serving suggestions, plus background information on its origin; detailing the region, the family and the spirit in which it is grown. 

The Delicario Magical Christmas hamper

Delicario’s own label represents some of the smaller producers such as Pastor del Valle, craft makers of thyme and rosemary crusted goats cheese produced from the milk of their herd in the Malaga countryside and Oro di Pantelleria where the D’Ancona family cultivate and hand-harvest fruit and vegetables for their preservative free sauces and jams off the coast of Sicily on the island of Pantelleria.

Based at Birch barn in Kent, founder Marco Rosa (pictured top) said: “Having the experience of working with well-known, luxury brands for over 25 years, we have seen a shift by consumers towards conscious shopping for high quality, sustainable and often organically grown goods. The secret of successful cultivation has been passed down through several generations of mostly family-run businesses. Every product has a story to tell!”

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