Melco Anniversary digital Hi-Fi library limited to 50 units, celebrated in champagne gold

High-end Japanese digital music library specialist Melco, has launched a special 45th anniversary version of its flagship network music library, to celebrate 45 years of hi-fi design and manufacturing.

The N10 45th Anniversary Limited Edition, finished in extravagant champagne gold, will be restricted to 50 units and will only be available in Europe. The special edition is supplied in an exclusive presentation box containing an official Melco certificate, pen, chopsticks, coaster, notepad and USB drive!

Melco (Maki Engineering Laboratory Company) says the N10 special is designed for music lovers with a taste for high-resolution audio files and esoteric electronics. To that end it offers Roon compatibility, a music browsing and curation platform favoured by audiophiles.

The N10 45th Anniversary Limited Edition is designed for music lovers with a taste for high-resolution audio files…

The N10 is a two-part unit, comprising hard drive and power supply

Housed in two units, each 215mm wide, the N10 comprises a head unit, with all the processing electronics and the data connectivity, and a low noise power unit. Separating the two minimises noise pollution, and vibration from the power transformer.

The casework is solid aluminium, with solid aluminium end-cheeks. Internally, the library has been designed from the ground up as an audio-specific gadget.  

The N10 will operate with both USB DACs and Ethernet-connected players, even without connection to a data network in standalone Isolated Mode.

The music library features a 5 TB HDD, which offers plenty of storage space for downloads, but if you need more it can be further expanded by either a separate USB HDD or the dedicated Melco E100 expansion drive. 

Direct download of Hi-Res files from and other vendors is supported, with error-free downloading. A front facing USB socket is specified for importing from USB thumbdrives, direct play without importing and for the connection of a USB DAC. CD back-up is possible using the Melco D100 external CD loader. 

Japanese brand Melco is a specialist when it comes to digital music playback

“Melco’s founder Makoto Maki is unfortunately no longer with us, but I believe he would have really loved the N10 45th Anniversary Limited Edition,” says Melco General Manager Dan Raggett.

“It brings back the nostalgia of ‘70s Japanese hi-fi with its colour and looks. With great aesthetics combined with fantastic sound quality, the N10 45th Anniversary Limited Edition really is a stand out product. The team in Japan have worked really hard to realise this product in what has been a truly challenging year. Those 50 music lovers lucky enough to get their hands on one, will own a lovely piece of Melco history.”

This limited edition N10 Anniversary Edition digital music library sells for £7,499. 

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