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This LG Signature Wine Cellar is giving us chills, it’s the ultimate beverage entertainment centre

This second generation high-tech wine cellar from LG, part of its high-end Signature range of high-end, no-compromise appliances, is giving us chills. Wondrously specified, with a fittingly  premium design, it’s positioned as the ultimate storage device for precious wines. 

LG has pulled out all the stops. The Wine Cellar uses optimal preservation technology designed to combat temperature fluctuations and humidity, it even manages vibration, all within a sleek stainless-steel cabinet boasting stylish under shelf LED lighting.

There’s also a convertible bottom compartment which can open with a touch of your foot. This can be set to fridge or freezer mode…

We get up close and personal with LG’s Signature Wine Cellar

We were wowed by the original Wine Cellar when it launched in 2019, that was back in the days when we could see things in person and up close, and this updated version, spied over Zoom, looks similarly compelling. It’s smart too, with Wi-Fi built-in. LG’s proprietary SmartThinQ technology supports voice activated commands, including opening the door.  

There’s also a convertible bottom compartment which can open with a touch of your foot. This can be set to fridge , 1-7˚C, or freezer (-23 ~ -15˚C) mode.

Three optimal temperature zones provide the ideal conditions to preserve and bring out the unique flavours of red, white, and sparkling wines. Red Wine can be stored between 11-18˚C,  White Wine 5-11˚C and Champagne 5~8˚C. The Wine Cellar has a capacity of 65 bottles.

A smooth-running inverter linear compressor is used to minimize vibration in the LG Signature Wine Cellar. The result is a gentle and quiet environment befitting the best booze.

The air inside is maintained at an ideal humidity level, while a stylish black mirror-coated glass door blocks outside heat and ultraviolet radiation.

Rather cleverly, you can see through this mirrored glass panel with two knocks – allowing you to can check what’s ‘in-stock’ without having to open the store and destabilise temperatures.

The LG Signature Wine Cellar is available now, priced at £5,999.

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