Tenet tempts film fans back to cinemas, as UK ticket sales leap 75 per cent

Christopher Nolan’s eagerly awaited thriller Tenet is tempting film fans back to the multiplex, with one chain reporting a 75 per cent increase in sales. 

The first big-screen post-quarantine blockbuster, Tenet centres on a time-bending mission to prevent the start of World War III. Seemingly, the film is also transporting audiences back to a time before COVID-19.

“We believe the upsurge in sales is due to a number of factors, including more awareness of the film due to increased marketing and very positive early reviews, as well as the UK cinema industry’s ‘Love Cinema campaign,” says Mark Barlow, General Manager for Showcase Cinemas UK.

“Despite lockdown reducing capacity at our cinemas, we’re expecting strong attendances for the film throughout the rest of August, into September and beyond.”

According to trade paper Screen, the UK box office surged 354 per cent thanks to Tenet, with £6m taken between August 28 to 30. The movie could have a potentially record-breaking run in theatres.

“Despite lockdown reducing capacity, we’re expecting strong attendances for the film throughout August and beyond…”

Tenet brings film fans back to empty theatres

Showcase Cinemas started reopening its venues from July 4 with enhanced health and safety measures for both guests and staff.

These include leaving seats empty in each screen and staggered start times, alongside fewer screenings to reduce the number of people in the lobby at any one time, plus the wearing of face coverings and hand sanitising stations having been placed throughout venues.

After each screening, staff conduct a thorough cleaning regime, which includes an anti-viral fogging machine that eliminates airborne viruses. And each auditorium now has an air-purifying system installed.

Perspex shields have also installed at all till points and guests can order their food and drink in advance and collect from a designated pick-up section.

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