First look: Space Perspective reveals Spaceship Neptune space travel capsule design

An inteior render of the Space Perspective Space Capsule as it floats above earth. The planet is visible through large windows.

Luxury spaceflight experience company Space Perspective, has unveiled its patented new design for its Spaceship Neptune space travel capsule, and it’s out of this world! 

Currently in production at Space Perspective’s composite manufacturing facility, near its Operations Centre at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, the capsule is a smooth spherical, pressure vessel designed to give ‘Space Explorers’ the headroom to move around and enjoy 360-degree views through by the largest-ever panoramic windows to be taken to the edge of space.

The spherical shape of the exterior features a splash cone for a gentle landing at sea and reflective coated windows, much like that of an astronaut’s helmet.

The first commercial Spaceship Neptune flight is scheduled for 2024. The vehicle will take guests to the edge of space in a climate-controlled, pressurised capsule, propelled by a patented SpaceBalloon. 

The first commercial Spaceship Neptune flight is scheduled for 2024. The vehicle will take guests to the edge of space in a climate-controlled luxury capsule…

Dan Window and Isabella Trani, co-founders of London-based design studio Of My Imagination are the lead experience designers for Spaceship Neptune, working with the in-house design and engineering team at Space Perspective. 

The duo specialise in the design of high-tech transportation systems, including the New Tube for London, the Vertical Aerospace VX4 electric aircraft, and the Hyperloop.

“Space travel presents a new realm of exciting challenges and creative thinking.  As design specialists we have integrated the travel experience and aesthetic, from head room and groups of Explorers being able to move around comfortably within Spaceship Neptune from chair to restroom to bar, maximising the once-in-a-lifetime views.  The pioneering 360-degree windows will be accompanied by satellite imagery and 360-degree cameras to zoom in and out on the incredible vista,” say the pair.

Unlike rival space tourism proposals from Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin, Space Perspective promises a space travel experience without recourse to rocket-fueled flight, boldly going the carbon neutral way.  

The six-hour round trip for up to eight passengers is open to anybody who can board an aeroplane, and comfort is the name of the game. The Space Lounge features reclining seats, a bar, mood lighting and restroom.

A patent-pending thermal control system maintains a consistently comfortable temperature.

The capsule eventually makes a two-hour descent to Earth before the Space Perspective team retrieve passengers, the capsule, and the SpaceBalloon by ship.  

Space Perspective founder and co-CEO Jane Poynter, explains: “We’re the only company that has its capsule connected to  the vehicle the entire flight. We’re the only one that does a splash like this because it’s safer. We’re really focused on being the safe, responsible way to taking people to space and having that incredible experience.”

We’re told almost 900 tickets have been sold to date, and the purchase of entire capsules for eight looks like it will be a popular option, commercial flights are expected to begin in late 2024. Space Perspective is currently taking reservations for 2025 and beyond. 

If you want to ride, tickets are priced $125,000 per person.

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