Great Scott! Cambridge Audio partners with DeLorean on Alpha5 electric sports car

DeLorean Alpha 5 concept car with gull wing doors open

British hi-fi brand Cambridge Audio has been revealed as the audio supplier for the new DeLorean Alpha5 electric car.

Cambridge Audio is the latest high profile audio brand to find an automotive partner. The two companies say they share a pioneering approach to design and technology.

The partnership goes public debut at the Monterey Car Week (August 12 -21, in Monterey County, California).

Cambridge Audio will apparently power a bespoke soundtrack for events occurring at the DeLorean House in Pebble Beach – if the playlist doesn’t include The Clash’s ‘London’s Calling’ we’ll be disappointed!

Guests will be able to experience the latest Cambridge Audio flagship products, including its Edge Hi-Fi separates and the premium Evo all-in-one system

Reflecting its Hi-Fi heritage, they’ll also have the P40 on display, the company’s first ever amplifier, released in 1968.

The new Alpha5 concept is being promoted as the evolution of the iconic DeLorean brand. Production on the new car is expected to begin in 2024.

The Alpha5 concept has quite an act to follow. DeLorean’s DMC-12 time machine from the Back to the Future movies is a pop culture icon…

Cambridge Audio’s Evo will be providing the beats at Pebble Beach

The Alpha5 concept has quite an act to follow. DeLorean’s DMC-12 time machine from the Back to the Future movies is a pop culture icon. The new all-electric 2+2 vehicle retains those signature gullwing doors and classic rear windshield louvres.

Importantly, the all-wheel-drive Alpha5 is expected to go from zero to 88mph in 4.35 seconds, and have an estimated 300 miles range.

Charlie Henderson, Marketing Director of Cambridge Audio said: “With over 50 years of audio experience and a passion for elevating the emotion of music, there are many synergies between our two brands, especially our shared dynamic and occasionally rebellious attitude. Between us we have a combined history of almost 100 years, but we don’t let the past define us: always experimenting, innovating and creating new ways to enhance your experiences, inspiring a range of emotions in a car that is set to become an instant icon.”

“Cambridge Audio has spent over five decades creating exceptional sound by developing world-class audio. It’s through their passion, craftsmanship and innovation that they continue to lead the industry in Hi-Fi products and technology. Our partnership brings together two pioneering companies to make one singular experience for drivers,” said Troy Beetz, Chief Marketing Officer, DeLorean Motor Company.

The Alpha5 will get its global reveal August 18 at the Pebble Beach Awards Ramp. 

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