Tested by robots: Healthy new Panasonic 4-in-1 steam combi oven will change the way you cook

A Panasonic 4-1 NN-DS59N combi steam oven surrounded by plates of food produced by it, including cakes, fish and veg...

Foodies looking to give their menus a healthy makeover should take a closer look at Panasonic’s new 4-in-1 steam combi oven, the NN-DS59N. The space-saving appliance features four different cooking methods – steam, oven (top–bottom heater), grill and microwave power – and offers a range of time saving features, perfect for a busy lifestyle.

Whether you’re preparing weekly meals or cooking small batches, there’s a setting and cooking method to suit.

Steaming is widely regarded as one of the best cooking methods for preserving nutrients and maximising taste, especially in fish and vegetables. Fun fact: when broccoli is boiled, it can lose more than 50 per cent of the vegetable’s vitamin C, but with steam cooking, 94 per cent of this essential vitamin is retained.  

The NN-DS59N features a built-in steam boiler and large 600ml water tank, which together produce up to 1100 Watts of powerful, high-density steam that is directly injected into the oven’s cavity. The steam quickly cooks the food evenly, while retaining nutrients.  

There’s also a Grill Tray to grill chicken and fish, and a low-fat frying function to make fried food healthier. The latter works by combining microwave and grill functions: the microwave heats up the Grill Tray from the bottom and the grill provides heat from the top for all-round crispy results, with less oil.

There’s also a Grill Tray to grill chicken and fish, and a low-fat frying function to make fried food healthier…

The Panasonic NN-DS95N combi steam oven up close
Plenty of features in a compact package, that’s Panasonic’ secret sauce

Onboard technology includes the Genius Sensor, an Auto Reheat function which measures the food’s moisture and adjusts cooking times to provide the best results, Combination cooking where users can use two heat sources at the same time, Panasonic-unique Inverter Technology for 40 per cent faster cooking  and 28 Auto Programmes, able to cook everything from baked bread to steamed rice!

The cavity offers a large 27 litres of space, which should accommodate most kinds of cookware. It has a flat stainless steel interior,  said to be easy to keep clean.

It should last too. We’re told that dedicated Panasonic robots have pressed the oven’s buttons more than 60,000 times and opened the door 150,000 times, equating to 15 years of normal use.

And they never once stopped for a snack.

The NN-DS59N sells for £450.

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