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Smooth operator: this luxury LG Signature TWINwash washer dryer has us in a spin

The LG Signature TWINWasg washer dryer stands in an open plan bathroom, overlooking verdant fields. Probably not a typical user case, but it looks stylish enough.

We’re always excited when LG Signature adds to its appliance line-up, the brand is a master of blending chic design with leading-edge technologies.

New this month is the LG Signature TWINWash washer dryer, part of its smart appliance range. The machine incorporates LG’s ThinQ technology, allowing users to control their spin remotely via a smartphone or tablet.  

Like all LG Signature gear, design is a strong point. Here a bright white enamel body contrasts with a striking black glass door. The façade is easy-clean and corrosion-proof, while the door is scratch and crack proof. 

A secondary mini wash cabinet allows for a simultaneous second wash. A status display window is subtly slanted up 17 degrees, for easy viewing. 

The titular TWINWash feature provides the option to simultaneously clean two different fabric types or two separate colours. 

The design team responsible says they were going for an ‘elegant yet functional appearance, reflective of a deep yet soft moonlit sky reflecting on a calm midnight lake.’ Yep, that’s what we got too. 

Like all LG Signature gear, design is a strong point. Here a bright white enamel body contrasts with a striking black glass door…

It’s a smooth operator, courtesy of a Centum system which combats excessive shaking, and AI DD technology which uses intelligent fabric care methods able to weigh washing loads and assess fabrics to automatically select the optimum cycle for any wash.  

An Auto Dosing System detects and releases a customised quantity of detergent and fabric softener for each individual load. 

Running costs are low. Recently voted the best 12kg model in the UK by the energy-saving experts at Youreko,  for its low running costs, energy saving and efficiency, this LG TWINWash unit has a 4A rating, with an average lifetime energy saving of £3,326, compared to the market average of £896.

The LG Signature TwinWash washer dryer sells for £2,400, and is available here.

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