Experience the new Maserati Grecale SUV with Sonus faber audio as it tours the UK

The Maserati Grecale SUV is dressed to impress in its sunny yellow livery. The look says practical but exotic.

If you’ve ever wondered what the Sonus faber sound system in the stunning new Maserati Grecale SUV is like, you’ll soon get your chance. A ten-venue dealership tour starts on July 8 at Maserati dealer Maranello Egham (Surrey) and ends August 27 at Charles Hurst, Northern Ireland

Check your local Maserati dealer for dates.

Pop along and you’ll have the opportunity to experience both the Grecale and its high-end sound system, which was developed by the Italian Hi-Fi brand in collaboration with Maserati over a three-year period.

Two Sonus faber systems are available: the Premium (standard) and High Premium (optional). Designed and engineered in Italy, both include the company’s signature silk-dome tweeters and paper cone mid-range drive units. Providing the muscle is a powerful Class-D Dual DSP amplifier with an oversized power supply.

The Premium Audio System delivers 860 watts through 14 speakers and the High Premium Audio System increases performance to 1,285 watts from 21 speakers.

The High Premium Sound System in the Maserati Grecale builds on the EISA award winning system that was launched in the MC20 supercar.

The Sonus faber High Premium Audio System in the Maserati Grecale delivers 1,285 watts from 21 speakers…

The glamorous interior Maserati Grecale SUV gives no hint of the veritable army of Sonus faber speakers hidden in the cabin. But you just know when you turn it on it’s going to sound phenomenal…
The interior of the Maserati Grecale hides 14 Hi-Fi speakers as standard

Sonus faber’s signature natural sound is derived from key technologies paired with the brand’s celebrated design philosophy, apparently achieved by optimising the phase and amplitude alignment between the midrange and tweeter. The final voicing of the system is done by ear.

“Our team spent three years collaborating with Maserati design and development to customise every aspect of this sound system to authentically deliver the signature ‘natural sound’ of Sonus faber,” said Sonus faber CEO Jeff Poggi. “Our shared passion and commitment to Italian excellence is evident in the attention to detail, selection of materials, and overall refinement.”

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