Make use of every nook and cranny: bespoke storage furniture for your loft conversion

Forward planning in the design of loft conversions will ensure that space and storage is maximised ahead of a build. Here are some top design tips to maximise space.

Barbara Genda Bespoke Furniture has cleverly designed storage solutions that exemplify how to make the most of every useable nook and cranny to provide generous, clutter free spaces.

Barbara Genda, Principal Designer and Founder says: “Eaves spaces are often considered tricky and we encourage to plan for storage well in advance of the building works, at the architect planning stage. Often, clients come to us where the walls are built and with just a little pre-planning the layout of walls and doors could be so much better if the architects considered the amount and type of storage the homeowners require. Don’t hesitate to ask fitted furniture specialists for their opinion before you start building works.

‘When possible, use the full height walls of the room to build hanging wardrobes, placing drawers and shelves in the lower parts of the room under eaves.

Use the low eaves space under the roof to build drawers and cupboards between rafters that often go unused, it’s a fantastic use of space as it does not eat into the floor space and it uses otherwise awkward space very effectively.

“Use pullout cabinetry and deep drawers and shelves to utilise the depth in full. These built-in solutions are especially useful for awkward angled layouts and areas with low headroom. They also maximise floor space as they blend into interior schemes beautifully when not in use for a streamlined look.

“Materials can vary, but we find lacquered matt or satin timber or MDF works best, but don’t be afraid of using darker timbers like wenge or walnut where there is a lot of natural light in the room.’

With a portfolio of highly acclaimed and inspirational designs, each project is tailor made with innovation and finished to the client’s requirements. Barbara Genda Bespoke Furniture prices bespoke commissions individually.

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