These high-end headphones combine audiophile performance with Bluetooth and ANC

A pair of T+A Solitaire T headphones folded up

High-end German audio specialist T+A Elektroakustik, has announced the Solitaire T, audiophile grade headphones with Bluetooth and Active Noise Cancelling. If you’ve been looking for a pair of over-ear, closed-back headphones that offer superlative private listening, yet can also function as ANC travel cans, the Solitaire T could fit the bill.

T+A is known for its reference headphones, like the Solitaire P and P-SE, but it’s not a brand associated with everyday wireless models.

“We began with the slogan ‘T+A wherever you are’, and then breathed life into the words,” says Conradin Amft, T+A’s COO. 

“The Solitaire T constitutes a product which is more than just a pair of superb closed back audiophile headphones, and more than just travel ‘phones. They successfully bridge the supposed gulf between these two categories, by creating their own standard.”

The Solitaire T successfully bridge the gulf between audiophile and travel categories…

The Solitaire T headphones are built around a 42 millimetre transducer with a stiff, lightweight cellulose diaphragm. The result, we’re told, is an airy treble and a clear midrange, coupled with a complementary bass.  

The Solitaire T supports LDAC and aptX HD Bluetooth, via a Qualcomm QCC 5127 chip, so streaming quality should be high. Inside is an Esstech ES9218 Sabre DAC. “We wanted to combine a great pair of passive headphones with the best electronic components possible,” explains Project Director Sebastian Kobelt.  

The headphones feature touch-sensitive buttons, and a large touch-sensitive interaction field.  

The housing is manufactured from high-quality aluminium, with Vegan artificial leather. There’s a choice of two colour schemes: white and silver, and a black and silver.

Says Managing Director Siegfried Amft: “Although we are treading completely new ground for the second time in just two years, the whole team has managed to produce an outstanding product which is the perfect embodiment of our philosophy in terms of sound and convenience.”

Available from July, the Solitaire T retails for £1,200 (1300€, $1600).

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