SodaStream gives sparkling water maker a style upgrade with chic new Art machine

The SodaStream Art on a kitchen table with a glass of fizzy water

It’s a SodaStream, but not as we know it. Everyone’s favourite sparkling water maker has had a style upgrade, in the shape of the SodaStream Art, a designer iteration of the familiar fizz machine.

The Art sports a chic new Scandi-inspired look, with stainless steel trim and a novel new carbonation lever.  Sparkling water fans now have the power to experiment with levels of fizz, and different flavour combinations, for a more customised beverage experience.

Great for dining al fresco, and entertaining with friends, the SodaStream Art also features the brand’s patent pending Quick Connect Cylinder technology, enabling one-click cylinder connection. 

Supporting the launch of the Art machine are two more next generation home carbonation machines from the $billion brand: the Duo and the Terra.

The Art sports a chic new Scandi-inspired design, with stainless steel trim and a novel carbonation lever…

Two SodaStream Art machines, one black the other right, in a kitchen setting
The Art is a 2021 Good Design award winner

The Duo is compatible with both the new glass dispenser and SodaStream’s reusable plastic bottles. The glass carafe won’t look out of place on the dinner table, while the reusable plastic bottle allows users to enjoy their bubbles on the go.

The new Terra is positioned as an upgrade to the popular Spirit machine, but boasts a slicker design, with a high polish and matte finish. Like the Art, both the Duo and the Terra sparkling water makers also make use of SodaStream’s nifty Quick Connect Cylinder technology.

One gas cylinder can make up to 60 litres of bubbles. Eco-conscious consumers in need of a gas refill can save £10 on the cost of a new one when they exchange their gas cylinders at retailers across the country. 

The SodaStream Art is available here now, priced at £139.99; the Terra sells for £109.99  and the Duo for £164.99.  

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