This dedicated vinyl room is the home upgrade we’ve been waiting for

A vinyl room designed by Neville Johnson

It’s a problem faced by every record collector at some point: where to store your beloved album collection? Now furniture specialist Neville Johnson is offering made-to-measure vinyl rooms alongside its traditional book libraries.

A dedicated vinyl room can offer music lovers the chance to showcase their treasured record collections, in an idealised environment; a bespoke luxury escape in which to unwind and listen to music.

Bespoke album storage enables music lovers to organise their records exactly as required, ensuring they stay clean and damage-free for years to come. The furniture maker’s storage solution features a combination of open shelving, creating a dedicated storage space for your prize platters, and closed cabinetry, perhaps useful to conceal technology. 

The vinyl storage option combines a rustic Oxford Oak finish with laid-back grey-blue shade of Dewberry, creating a sophisticated interior design aesthetic.

The vinyl storage option combines a rustic Oxford Oak finish with laid-back grey-blue shade of Dewberry…

Bespoke library storage in an alcove
Bespoke storage solution for bookworms

Naturally, the company offers a wide range of regular book storage too, for those needing a regular home library. Traditional white shelving is designed to be spacious and uplifting, and a useful, built-in ladder means you can take advantage of all available height. If you’re seeking something a little more lush for smaller spaces, then there’s the option of the Dark Green library, with shaker style bespoke cabinetry (pictured). Also available in a modern library design painted in ibis teal.  

If the idea of a dedicated vinyl room with bespoke furniture appeals, Neville Johnson offers free design visits and free design brochures.

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