Rick Stein enters the ready-to-drink cocktail market with a trio of classics

Rick Stein Ready-to-Drink cocktail selection on a marble tabletop

Rick Stein is looking to carve a niche in the ready-to-drink cocktail market, partnering with premium small batch cocktail maker Moore House Cocktails.

The RTD line has launched with three favourites –  Old Fashioned, Margarita and Espresso Martini – chosen specifically by Charlie Stein, Director of the Rick Stein Group. The cocktails will be served across Rick Stein restaurants and hotels. 

Rick Stein’s Old Fashioned features premium bourbon, muddled cane sugar, and Angostura bitters – ABV 36%; Espresso Martini features espresso, Kahlua, premium vodka – ABV 19%; Margarita comprises 100 per cent Agave Blanco Tequila, Cointreau and citrus formula, Agave Syrup, Sea Salt – ABV 33%).

The Rick Stein RTD cocktail line has launched with three favourites –  Old Fashioned, Margarita and Espresso Martini…

An Old Fashioned served by Rick Stein
An Old Fashioned, served by Rick Stein

Charlie Stein said: “We chose to partner with Moore House Cocktails because their commitment to quality is on par with our own.  They use only the best ingredients and bottle fresh and carefully. As well as exceptional taste, the presentation of the range delivers a luxurious at-home experience. These are great cocktails without the fuss!”

The cocktails are also available via Stein’s at Home online shop.

As the market  for pre-mixed cocktails booms, expect an expansion to the range sooner rather than later.

All three cocktails are available in 200ml and 500ml bottles, with prices starting from £17. The trio is also available to buy as a cocktail gift set, containing x 3 200ml serves with a shaker for the perfect pour, for £65.

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