Clive Barker’s Hellraiser Pinhead collectable NFT wants to tear your soul apart

Hellraiser Pinhead artwork now available as an NFT

Clive Barker’s iconic Hellraiser character Pinhead is now available as an officially licensed NFT artwork. Created by Hollywood concept artist Miles Teves, 10,000 unique versions will be created by NFT collectables company, Boss Protocol.

The launch is the latest in a rush of NFT art initiatives that exploit Blockchain technology.

Owners of the Pinhead NFT will be able to unlock one archival-quality giclée print based on the artwork.

A limited number of giclée prints (actually 666) will be signed by Miles Teves, and supplied with a Certificate of Authenticity from VIP Auctions, a specialist in entertainment prop auctions, and collectible provenance. Physical prints will be produced Creature Features.

Intended as the first in a series based on the Hellraiser franchise (so expect a few Cenobites to follow), the Pinhead drop heralds a series featuring legendary horror films and characters produced under the Masters of Horror NFT banner, accessed through the proprietary Boss Wallet platform.

Owners of the Pinhead NFT will be able to unlock one archival-quality giclée print based on the artwork…

Hellraiser Lament Puzzle Box NFT
There’s a Lament Puzzle Box waiting for you… if you dare open it

Alongside the Pinhead launch, the company will be giving out a free Lament Configuration puzzle box NFT to all new users that register for a Boss Wallet.

Future benefits that can be unlocked with the Pinhead NFT include ongoing enhancements to the NFT, including selected voice lines from Doug Bradley, the actor reprising the role he originally portrayed.

“I am delighted to have this opportunity to revisit an old friend, and I look forward to working with the Masters of Horror team on this exciting new project,” said Bradley. “A few more sights to show you, perhaps…”

“This project represents the first merging of new technology with existing collectables around a franchise boasting one of the most iconic horror characters ever conceived,” said Master of Horror’s Michael Eisenberg. “The Pinhead NFT will not only provide owners with a unique variant of this definitive artwork, it also functions as a ‘golden ticket’ that entitles the initial purchaser to receive a coveted numbered art print at no additional cost.”

Each Boss Wallet download will include a deposit of 1,000 Boss Tokens that can be redeemed immediately for a free Lament Configuration Puzzle Box NFT, while supplies last.

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