Incoming Norton V4SV hailed as one of the most luxurious superbikes ever created

Norton TFT Dash V4SV superbike

Legendary British motorcycle marque Norton has re-engineered one of its classic rides. The V4SV comes with lofty claims to be one of the most luxurious superbikes ever created; we’ve not sat in the seat but, in the looks department it is certainly a bike which has our attention in a category we’d usually avoid.

Imagined originally as a TT ride where Norton is one of the most successful manufacturers, this bike is built for the road, and needs plenty of it to realise its full potential. Engineered to self-imposed off-the-scale standards over at Norton, this 1200cc V4 ride produces 185bhp (down from 200bhp on the V4SS it replaces).

Slim and elegant in stature but so utterly solid, almost bull-like in appearance, holding the road, for what Norton promises is the ride of your life.

This bike is built for the road, and needs plenty of it to realise its full potential…

Norton V4SV front view
The V4SV is built for the road…and needs plenty of it

The V4sV features a keyless ignition, and TFT screen dash, coupled with a rear facing camera.

The Norton V4SV will ship in two colour schemes, Manx silver with red and black trim and red Oz aluminium wheels, or Carbon finish and carbon-fibre BST wheels.  

The Curtiss One electric superbike in profile

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