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Roksan Attessa turntable and streaming amp combo dress to impress

White Roksan Attessa turntable on a sleek sideboard

British audio specialist Roksan is putting on the style with its newly launched Attessa range, comprising a premium vinyl turntable and two new amplifiers.

Developed in-house in the UK, the range combines streaming technologies with on-trend vinyl replay and striking industrial design.

Available in a choice of satin white or satin black finishes, the Attessa turntable offers a contemporary take on vinyl playback. With its minimalist design, it’ll fit right in with the most modern interior décor.

The weighted glass platter with bonded aluminium edge dampener is free from surplus dials and buttons. The turntable sits on a single isolated plinth, accentuating the sophisticated simplicity of the design. Roksan Xerxes inspired de-coupled feet and chassis design ensure stable playback.

The brand hopes the new Attessa record deck will appeal to audiophiles and Hi-Fi upgraders alike. 

Feature points include a lightweight Unipivot tonearm with a composite construction, digital speed controller and unique isolation transports. A built-in switchable Moving Magnet phono stage allows owners to simply plug and play their decks straight from the box. 

Roksan hopes the Attessa turntable will appeal to audiophiles and Hi-Fi upgraders alike…

The Roksan Attessa turntable in pure white livery
The Attessa turntable is available in Satin Wite or Satin Black

Accompanying the turntable are two new amplifiers. The Attessa Streaming Amplifier, and the Attessa Integrated Amplifier. 

Both adopt a similarly stripped back design, and are available in silver and black finishes with Roksan orange accents on the volume controls, and include a built-in Moving Magnet phono stage and Bluetooth. 

Construction is sturdy steel and aluminium, with no visible aerials

The Attessa Streaming Amplifier is intended for use with music, movies and gaming hardware. It features a Dynamic control dial, with single point of contact for both volume and input and a graphical interface. Running the BluOS connected platform, you can easily partner the amp with other compatible BluOS products from other manufacturers.

BluOS provides seamless multiroom audio in up to 64 zones, with 20+ streaming services, all controllable via your smartphone.

Roksan Attessa streaming amplifier with smartphone
The Attessa Streaming amp is quite the looker

The Attessa Integrated Amplifier offers a more traditional Hi-Fi solution, albeit with a similar wide range of inputs. Boasting a high performance DAC developed in-house, it has a rated power output of 130W per channel (into 4 Ohm). There’s no BluOS, but you can always stream over Bluetooth from your smartphone.

The Attessa Turntable, the Attessa Streaming Amplifier and Attessa Integrated Amplifier are priced at £995, £1,495 and 995 respectively.

Tempted to buy a turntable? Vinyl continues to find new fans in search of a tactile music experience, and reignite the imagination of long time record enthusiasts.

The format now accounts for 18 per cent of album sales in the UK.

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