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Cellist Sheku Kanneh-Mason confirms Philips TV, Bowers & Wilkins and Abbey Road Studios collab

Musician Sheku Kanneh-Mason playing his cello

Best-selling British cellist Sheku Kanneh-Mason is partnering with Philips TV, Bowers & Wilkins audio and Abbey Road Studios for a part filmed, part live Sound & Light performance, to showcase the synergy of art and technology. 

The project will help promote Philips next generation of OLED+ TVs, due to be unveiled in August. If you’re planning to upgrade your telly viewing, you might want to wait to see what’s in store.

Philips parent TP Vision is the official TV partner for Abbey Road Studios with the company’s high-end Philips OLED TV sets used throughout the facility as reference screens. Bowers & Wilkins is the official speaker and headphone partner for Abbey Road Studios. Its iconic 800 series loudspeakers have provided reference grade monitoring in the studios’ control rooms for over 40 years.

Phlilips new OLED+ TVs will feature bespoke sound systems created by Bowers & Wilkins.

Sheku Kanneh-Mason gained international recognition by winning the BBC Young Musician 2016…

Film crew at work in Abbey Road Studios
Technology meets art for Philips TV promotion

Universal Music recording artist Sheku Kanneh-Mason gained international recognition by winning the BBC Young Musician 2016, before going on to issue two top 20 albums by the age of 21. He’s also the only artist to be invited to perform on a second occasion at the British Academy Film Awards. 

Sheku is no stranger to Abbey Road, having recorded his top 10 album Elgar at the studios, (becoming the first cellist in chart history to reach the UK Album Top 10).

“I was really happy to be asked to take part in this project as I’m lucky enough to have had the amazing experience of making recordings at Abbey Road Studios,” said Sheku Kanneh-Mason. “Its history and iconic status are awe-inspiring and everything that happens there is of the highest technological quality. I’m always interested in exploring how to present classical music in a new way and this seems a wonderful opportunity to do just that, combining the best of sound and vision.”

Chief Marketing Officer for TP Vision, Martijn Smelt said: ‘Our partnership with Bowers & Wilkins on OLED+ products has already set a new quality threshold in the TV market but we have also both been working together behind the scenes with Abbey Road Studios to help produce content quality to new standards. We are delighted that we will be able to publicly show the results of our combined skill sets with an artist and an immersive production that are both really very special.”

Commenting on behalf of Abbey Road Studios General Manager, Jeremy Huffelmann said: “Abbey Road Studios sits at the intersection of sound and vision, having witnessed the recording of some of the greatest film scores in modern cinema. By collaborating with TP Vision and Bowers & Wilkins, we are excited to showcase how sonic and visual excellence can combine to redefine the viewing experience, to create a new standard of immersion.”    

The results of the project will be officially unveiled during the Philips TV & Sound Autumn/Winter product unveiling at the end of August.

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