Bowers & Wilkins debuts 700 Series Signature speakers and no two are alike

Bowers & Wilkins has introduced a new luxury range of loudspeakers, and claims no two look exactly alike. Aimed at discerning Hi-Fi individualists, the 705 and 702 Signature series are the latest editions to its high-end, no-compromise Signature loudspeaker line.

The 702 Signature is an impressive looking three-way floorstander, with B&W’s trademark  tweeter-on-top design. For bigger bass, it boasts three 165mm Aerofoil Profile cones, plus one 150mm Continuum FST midrange driver and that 25mm Carbon Dome tweeter up top.

Its stablemate, the compact (but not that compact) stand-mount 705 Signature is a 2-way enclosure with a single 165mm Continuum bass/midrange driver and tweeter-on-top.

The 700 Signatures boast a meticulous luxury finish, with no two models exactly alike…

702 Signature + tweeter-on-top design = vinyl heaven

Launched in 2017, the 700 Series range of speakers were already beneficiaries of technologies trickled down from Bowers & Wilkins legendary 800 Series Diamond models, such as the Solid Body Tweeter-on-Top assembly, ultra-rigid Continuum cone drivers and Aerofoil profile bass drivers. Continuum is a woven composite that gives highly controlled break-up, for a more transparent and detailed midrange performance. It was first used on the brand’s 800 Series Diamond.

As befits the Signature branding, these new 705 & 702 Signature models have additional improvements, including an upgraded crossover design.

The 702 Signature speakers with grilles off

Of course, we expect to see lavish finishes on the brand’s Signature models, and these new additions are no different.  The 705 and 702 Signature feature a new Datuk Gloss ebony-coloured veneer with a distinctive grain. No two models share the same grain pattern.

This custom-designed finish combines the allure of exotic real-wood veneers with the environmental benefits of a sustainably-sourced supply, in this case from specialist Italian wood company Alpi. 

Bowers & Wilkins adds to Alpi’s painstaking workmanship by applying nine coats of finish, including primer, base coat and lacquer, to create a deep, lustrous appearance. To further accentuate and highlight the quality of finish on each model, both Signature speakers have bright metal trim rings around the mid/bass and midrange cones plus bright, silver-finished tweeter grilles. 

The Signature identity plate

The final touch is a Signature identity plate to their rear panel, making each model genuinely unique.

The 702 Signature floorstanders are priced at £4,499 a pair, while the 705 Signature stand-mount model is £2,699 a pair.

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