No strings attached: LG Signature partners the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra being conducted in a live performance

Luxury appliance marque LG Signature has been named international corporate partner of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, which celebrates its 75th anniversary in September this year. 

For its milestone year, the RPO is also welcoming HRH the Prince of Wales as its new patron, and esteemed Russian conductor, Vasily Petrenko, who joins as its new music director. 

Petrenko will join a roster of titled conductors that includes Pinchas Zukerman (Principal Guest Conductor), Alexander Shelley (Principal Associate Conductor) and Grzegorz Nowak (Permanent Associate Conductor).

The partnership is an appropriate one for LG Signature, which has forged an identity based on premium design and performance. The brand’s mission statement is to provide a state-of-the-art living experience that feels ‘pure, sophisticated and luxurious’.

As a corporate partner, LG Signature will be the major sponsor of the RPO’s upcoming season. Intriguingly, it will also be offering its customers exclusive RPO digital content, and providing VIP hosting at select performances and programme branding events, as part of the 2021-2022 schedule. 

The company has also signed Vasily Petrenko as its latest global brand ambassador. 

As a corporate sponsor, LG Signature will be the major sponsor of the RPO’s upcoming season. It will also be providing VIP hosting…

The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra stand on the steps outside the Royal Albert Hall
The RPO celebrates its 75th anniversary in September this year

Bumseop Lee, President of LG Electronics UK, said: “LG Signature remains a strong supporter of the arts internationally, and is honoured to be collaborating with a cultural institution as revered as the RPO. Sharing our core philosophy and commitment to enriching people’s lives through excellence, the RPO creates enchanting and timeless musical experiences. Striking the perfect balance between tradition and innovation, the RPO is a truly modern orchestra with a fully-deserved reputation as being the very best there is.”

Speaking on its LG Signature partnership, Huw Davies, deputy MD of the RPO, said: “Not only does the brand share our desire to be and deliver the best, it also understands and has a deep appreciation for the arts.” He says the partnership will make a big difference to the RPO’s social programmes aimed at improving education and wellbeing.

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