Sky Original haunted house TV horror Hausen is already giving us frightmares

Sky is ratcheting up the horror with Hausen, a haunted house series produced by Sky Germany.

The eight episode Sky Original series, which is ready to scare from March 26 on Sky Atlantic and Now in the UK, promises an unsettling mix of horror and mystery. 

Here’s the set-up: After the death of his mother, 16-year-old Juri (Tristan Göbel) and his father Jaschek (Charly Hübner) move into a rundown housing complex on the city outskirts. While Jaschek tries to establish a new life for himself and his son, as caretaker of the building, Juri gradually discovers that the house has a vicious life of its own and feeds on the suffering of its inhabitants. 

In order to fight it, Juri has to persuade the partly hostile, partly apathetic block population to cooperate, and to rebel against his father, who has already fallen deep under the building’s corrosive spell…

“Much of the series was shot in an empty hospital of the former GDR – it combines horror, mystery and drama…

“The series combines horror, mystery and drama into an emotional and intimate play in an ‘obsessive’ prefabricated concrete building, the likes of which have never been seen before on German television,”  explains Quirin Schmidt, Executive Producer at Sky Germany.

Marco Mehlitz, Producer at Lago Film reveals that much of the series was shot in an empty hospital of the former GDR. The world, on the one hand, really existed before our eyes and on the other hand was a complete mock-up, with every square millimetre designed by our team, he says.

“Typically straight building corridors became labyrinths, otherwise identical floor plans became individual bubbles. The history of the place alone intertwined daily with our working reality. And it was the same for us – as soon as we had left the film location at the end, the first masses of water broke through the dilapidated building and destroyed our world. What remains is ‘Hausen’ – a story that slowly enters the minds of the audience and makes us all aware of what can happen when we lose empathy.”

Hausen stars Charly Hübner, Tristan Göbel, Alexander Scheer, Lilith Stangenberg, Daniel Sträßer and is directed by Thomas Stuber, and is a production of Sky Germany and Sky Studios in collaboration with Lago Film.

All eight episodes are available to watch now, in both HD and UHD formats, on Sky Atlantic.

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