Panasonic debuts Special Edition Final Fantasy Sound Slayer gaming soundbar

Introducing a special edition of the Sound Slayer, Panasonic’s compact soundbar designed in collaboration with Square Enix. This new special edition SC-HTB01 speaker comes adorned with Final Fantasy artwork.

Compatible with Dolby Atmos and DTS: X and Virtual X, the SC-HTB01 is a 2.1 channel, 3-way design with a built-in subwoofer. Advanced audio processing with a number of audio presets optimised for different genres of gaming on the PlayStation 5 and X Box Series X.

Panasonic is sharpening its focus on gaming over the coming months. It has also used CES 2021 to preview the JZ2000, a new OLED TV with a raft of gaming modes.

A 2.1 channel, 3-way design with a built-in subwoofer, it uses immersive audio processing for different genres of gaming…

This special edition soundbar will excite Final Fantasy fans

A CES 2021 Innovation Awards Honoree in the Headphones and Personal Audio category, the Sound Slayer features a Role-Playing Game mode, ostensibly optimised for Final fantasy XIV Online. ‘This mode creates a sense of reality and intensity, enabling gamers to feel as if they were inside of the game’s virtual world,’ says the company.

There’s also a First-Person Shooter preset, which puts the emphasis on accurate audio location, and Voice mode, recommended for adventure games, where clear dialogue can enhance gameplay.

‘Switching between the three modes, based on the game, will create an experience filled with intensity, tension and a high level of reality no matter what an individual’s preferred gaming style may be’ we’re told. ‘Users can enjoy video games and movies with powerful, immersive sound by simply placing the speakers in front of a PC monitor or TV without obstructing the view.’


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