Lobster, Wagyu beef, and venison are the best luxury alternatives to turkey

Lobster on a dish at the Aldi Christmas food showcase

Lobster, Wagyu beef and venison are our favourite luxury alternatives to turkey, and supermarket chain Aldi has them for less than you might expect, as part of its Exquisite fine dining line. 

We took a closer look at what’s on offer at the chain’s Christmas showcase, and here’s what we (mince) spied.

For the first time, the supermarket is offering a Wagyu Wing Rib Joint with Butter Melts (priced at  £24.99, 1.5-3kg). The unique rearing of Wagyu cattle leads to the development of copious marbling, giving this premium centrepiece joint a characteristic buttery texture.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen Wagyu on the Aldi shelves. Earlier this year, the store expanded its steak range with Wagyu Rump, Fillet. Ribeye and Sirloin cuts.

The unique rearing of Wagyu cattle leads to the development of copious marbling, giving a characteristic buttery texture…

The other turkey meat alternative is Venison. Aldi is stocking a Venison Wellington (£22.99, 700g), which looks particularly robust and luxurious. With rich mushroom duxelles and buttery puff pastry layers, it’s best served delicately pink, we’re told

There’s also a Specially Selected Venison Loin (£26.99, 2.5kg). This sustainably sourced Wild British meat is individually butchered from a whole piece of loin off the bone and larder trimmed, cut from the centre of the loin to offer equal size either end. 

If you want a spectacular seafood centrepiece, try and catch Aldi’s Specially Selected Whole Lobster (£7.99, 400g), or its Specially Selected Lobster Tails with Butter (£9.99, 254g), dressed in a choice of rich, mouth-watering butters. Choose between roasted black garlic, prosecco and lemon thermidor, or truffle flavour and black pepper.

For cheese lovers, our top tip is Aldi’s specially selected 50 month aged vintage cheddar – it’s absolutely gorgeous.

Finally, if a plant-based menu is more to your taste, Aldi also has that covered, with its Specially Selected No Beef Wellington (£4.99, 450g). It features a soya-based beef inspired core, topped with a creamy mushroom duxelle and wrapped in flaky vegan lattice pastry.

Alternatively, check out the No Turkey Roast (£4.99, 515g). The turkey-style soya joint is filled with cranberry and chestnut stuffing, wrapped in vegan bacon and topped with a bay leaf. 

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