Focal exhibits good taste with chocolate and oyster finishes for premium Sopra 2 loudspeakers

Focal Sopra 2 Black Ostrea loudspeaker in a plush apartment

Lauded French audio outfit Focal has unveiled two tasteful new finishes for its Sopra 2 loudspeakers, Black Ostrea and Brown Concrete. Both are an evolution of the concrete effect first seen on the Sopra 2 Special Editions in the Focal Naim 10th Anniversary system.

The Black Ostrea finish, we’re told, is inspired by the pearlised appearance of an oyster, hence the iridescent sheen to each side. The Brown Concrete finish features chocolate-hued side panels, partnered by bronze front panels.

The Black Ostrea finish, we’re told, is inspired by the pearlised appearance of an oyster…

It’s hoped the new iterations will open up fresh opportunities for the brand when it comes to blending its (already spectacular) high-end speakers with contemporary home interiors.

The new Focal Sopra 2 Brown Concrete and Black Ostrea finishes are available to order now, with a retail price of £14,999 per pair.

Not to your taste? The Focal Sopra 2 remains available in Carrara White, Electric Orange, and Black Lacquer finishes, as well as regulation Hi-Fi Light Oak and Black Oak editions.

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