A Night at the Opera: Devialet debuts special edition Dione Opeìra de Paris Atmos soundbar

A close-up of the Devialet Dione special edition Opeìra de Paris soundbar

French Hi-Fi specialist Devialet has released a special edition of its acclaimed all-in-one Dione soundbar, in partnership with the Opeìra national de Paris.

The Dione Opeìra de Paris features a 22-carat moon gold central plate, inspired by the gilded interiors of the Opeìra Garnier.  

2022 is the fifth year of a partnership between Devialet and Opeìra national de Paris.

The Devialet Dione Opeìra de Paris is the latest addition to an exclusive collection of gilded Hi-Fi, which also includes the Devialet Phantom I 108 dB Opeìra de Paris; Devialet Phantom II 98 dB Opeìra de Paris and Devialet Mania Opeìra de Paris.

The Dione Opeìra de Paris features a 22-carat moon gold central plate…

As with the core Devialet Dione, this is a high performance 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos enabled soundbar, boasting Devialet-designed neodymium drivers, and a host of proprietary technologies, including ADH amplification, SAM signal treatment, spatialization with SPACETM, reinforced 3D immersion thanks to Advanced Dimensional Experience (ADE), and Real-time dynamic equalisation with AVLTM.

Behind the fancy exterior you’ll find three forward facing speakers, with two side-firing surround channels, one bass channel, and a pair of Atmos height drivers. Total amplification is an operatic 950 Watts. 

There’s no separate subwoofer, but then Dione doesn’t require them, as it’s capable of deep bass regardless, thanks to eight SAM-powered (Speaker Active Matching) woofers onboard.

In addition to an HDMI input, the Dione also supports AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect, and Bluetooth 5.0. The original Dione was awarded Best High-End Soundbar 2022-2023, by EISA. 

The Devialet Dione Opeìra de Paris is available now, priced £2,400 (2,700€ / $2,900).

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