New C SEED N1 MicroLED 4k TV is a stunning marriage of kinetic art and technology

The stunning C SEED giant TV fully unfolded in a baroque room surrounded by classical statues

Luxury TV brand C SEED has unveiled a new generation of its folding superscreen, the C Seed N1. Available in 165-, 137- and 103-inch screen versions, the sculptural display offers a transformative viewing experience. 

Folded down, the metal base looks like minimalist art, but fully unfolded it’s a head-turning 4k display. The N1 uses MicroLED technology, for superior colour and contrast. The company’s patented Adaptive Gap Calibration makes the borders between the screen panels disappear to provide a perfectly seamless visual experience. 

C SEED says the N1 screen suits both classic and contemporary interior design environments. The base is titanium matt metallic.

Previous C SEED screens have required that the base unit, which accommodates the folded screen, needs to be installed into flooring or decking. The N1 is the brand’s first all in one solution, so no installation is needed. 

The C SEED N1 is the brand’s first all in one solution, so no installation is needed…

The giant screen is able to rotate 180 degrees left and right to accommodate all viewing situations. When not in use, it discreetly folds back into its base.

The N1 has been machined from aerospace aluminium, for optimum stiffness-to-weight ratio.

The 4K MicroLED screen supports HDR10+ and has a novel physical screen surface coating to produce deep blacks and vibrant colours, with minimal glare. The N1 also has an integrated 100W speaker system.

Austria-based C SEED specialises in designing and manufacturing luxury TVs for high end indoor, outdoor and marine applications.

“We operate on the top end of the high-end market”, says CEO Alexander Swatek. “Many of our clients collect art, all appreciate latest media technology, and all demand a visual quality that complies with highly refined interior design, be it classic, modern, or totally avantgarde. C SEED is proud to provide all that in one totally unique product that adds to the value of luxurious living spaces.” 

Prices for the C SEED N1 start at 180.000,00 EUR.  

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