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Ginormous C SEED unfolding superyacht TV has just had a major upgrade

Giant C SEED outdoor TV on a superyacht, displaying an American football game

Maker of unfolding mega screens, C SEED, has announced a new MicroLED edition of its Supermarine screen for superyachts. 

Available in 144- and 201-inch screen sizes, this new Porsche Design jawdropper is said to offer brighter, sharper pictures, courtesy of improved  pixel resolution (1.9mm for the 201-incher and and 1.6mm for the 144-inch model), and 48 bit colour depth.

The model also features a smaller electric lifting device which allows integration on smaller yachts (from 40m, with C SEED’s ‘Ultra Compact’ 144-inch edition). The underground compartment is just 62cm, saving valuable space below decks.

this new Porsche Design jawdropper is said to offer brighter, sharper pictures and features a smaller electric lifting device…

The C SEED Supermarine column takes just 30 seconds to achieve full height, and 45 seconds for its MicroLED panels to unfold. When open, the TV can be rotated 180 degrees via remote control, so you can always view at a perfect angle.

The new Supermarine display is crafted from marine grade aluminum and steel, and has an IP65 weatherproof rating.

Boasting a brightness of 4,000 nits, and a contrast ratio of 7,000:1, it can be watched in any daylight environment, including direct sunshine.

The manufacturer says it has twice the colour purity and a wider colour gamut than conventional LED screens. There’s also support for HDR and HDR10+. 

The system has a fully integrated sound system, but if you want to upgrade your beach club, you can always partner it with C SEED Supermarine speakers. Just make sure you invite us to the party.

Prices start at €334,000/ £282,000 (installation and PM excluded). For more visit C SEED here.

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