Meridian Audio to bring high-end Hi-Fi to superyachts, debuts £75,000 loudspeaker

A superyacht carves through the ocean

High-end Hi-Fi outfit Meridian Audio is moving into the superyacht business, partnering with Genesis Technologies Marine, a supplier of premium sound and vision systems to yacht owners.

Meridian has a global reputation for quality and innovation when it comes to Hi-Fi and home cinema, and believes its partnership with Genesis will find it an appreciative new audiophile audience.

Superyachts are the epitome of luxury and high-performance engineering and Meridian is an ideal audio solution to address the demanding requirements of these installations,” said Barry Sheldrick, Meridian’s Director of Sales. 

The brand is best known for its signature loudspeakers, but it also specialises in compact, cool running multiroom systems, which lend themselves well to marine use. “Our unique approach to audio design ensures our products save on heat, space, and weight, all of which are essential for yachts,” says Sheldrick.

“Meridian products offer a range of flexible installation and integration solutions, including on-board amplification and a shallow mounting-depth, essential for marine projects,” explains Rico Vogeli, Genesis Technologies Marine CEO.  

Heading up the Meridian Audio line is the DSP8000 XE loudspeaker. It’s about as high-tech as Hi-Fi can get…

Meridian Audio DSP8000 XE loudspeaker pair picture front and side
The DSP8000 XE loudspeaker hails from Meridian’s Extreme Engineering Program

Heading up the Meridian Audio line is the DSP8000 XE loudspeaker. Designed for high-end Hi-Fi listening, it’s the first Meridian loudspeaker to come  from the company’s Extreme Engineering Program. The DSP8000 XE uses a new design concept known as ‘Precision Sonic Transport’ (PST), which uses innovative techniques and processes to ensure that every aspect of the audio signal maintains maximum sonic fidelity as it travels from gear to ear. 

It’s about as High-tech as Hi-Fi can get.  

The  DSP8000 XE features one Ultrasonic tweeter, with 25mm beryllium dome with custom waveguide, a mid-range EVO 160mm woofer with clear cone, and six 200mm subsonic bass drivers. When it comes to amplification, the tweeter and mid-range  each get 150W (into 4Ω), while the bass drivers benefit from 240W going to each pair. 

Available from this month, the standard finish for the DSP8000 XE is piano black, but select colour options are available. The DSP8000 XE retails for £75,000/$125,000. More details on the Meridian Audio range here.

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