These luxury Fyne Audio loudspeakers usher in a new age of Vintage Hi-Fi

Fyne Audio Vintage Classic stereo loudspeakers at a Hi-Fi show

High-end Scottish Hi-Fi company Fyne Audio has announced a range of premium loudspeakers that hark back to the halcyon days of Seventies stereo.

Its new Vintage loudspeakers will go on sale later this year, and comprise the Vintage and Vintage Classic models, with price tags that range from £3,500 to £35,000 per pair. 

The look may be retro but the hardware is leading edge.

Three models make up the Vintage line: the Vintage 10, Vintage Twelve and Vintage 15, which unsurprisingly offer a choice of 10-, 12- and 15-inch (380mm) versions of Fyne’s celebrated IsoFlare point source driver, coupled to a 75mm titanium dome compression tweeter. 

Hand-built and finished from sustainable birch plywood, the Vintage loudspeaker line will be coated in a premium Walnut veneer with Burr Walnut Inlays and detailed with gold anodised metal trim.

The stylish analogue Presence control dial

A front-mounted analogue Presence control dial on the Vintage models has been engineered to deliver subtle adjustment to the sound, and offers a tactile feel when used. Another analogue dial, for HF Energy, is mounted on the rear panel.  

The cabinets are hand-built and finished from sustainable birch plywood…

The Vintage Classic models employ more traditional square cabinetry, wider than it is deep, with walnut real wood veneer finishes and a black baffle. The look is straight out of the late sixties school of Hi-Fi design.

These Classic models combine Fyne’s IsoFlare driver with a 75mm titanium dome tweeter. 

Now that’s what you calls a Vintage Classic

The throwback Classic design covers four models, one of which is stand mount, the rest floorstanders, built around 8-, 10- and 12-inch IsoFlare drivers. All four will have minimalist analogue controls for subtle Presence and HF Energy adjustment, plus removable cloth grilles in stylish grey.

The Vintage Ten, Vintage Twelve, Classic X, and Classic XII will be first to launch in Spetember, with the 8-inch Classic models and the Vintage Fifteen following. For more visit Fyne Audio.

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