Audio Pro debuts new muted hues for award-winning wireless speaker

Audio Pro C10 MkII Sage green speaker on a bed

Swedish speaker specialist Audio Pro has announced two new colourways for its wireless C10 MkII multiroom speaker, Sage Green and Sand.

Highly rated, the C10 MKII has been limited to black, grey, and white finishes, but these new muted hues elevate the Bluetooth sound system’s inimitable Scandi style, ideal for partnering with powdery pastels or natural tones.

The beige-coloured C10 MkII Sand takes its inspiration from current industrial design trends, which favour a raw, concrete look for interiors. The Sage Green speaker, inspired by the greyish green of the dried spice, is a versatile choice for interior designers working with both muted and bright colour palettes. 

It works well when paired with pale tones of light yellow, light grey, and pale pink, and as a contrast to luminous colours like violet and gold.

These new muted hues elevate the Bluetooth sound system’s inimitable Scandi style, ideal for partnering with powdery pastels or natural tones…

Close up of the leather handle and on body controls of the Audio Pro C10 MkII speaker
Leather handle detail on the C10MKII

Unlike their black, grey, and white counterparts, the new editions have two noticeable aesthetic differences. Instead of the usual fabric front, the treble and base are now clearly visible, with a leather handle on top.

Featuring twin tweeters coupled to a mid-range woofer, power output is rated at £80W.

Audio Pro C10 MkII Sand speaker
Would you take your C10 MkII in Sand to the beach?

Jens Henriksen, CCO at Audio Pro explains: “Our C10 is one of our most popular speakers and has won numerous awards over the years. Since the release of its upgraded version, the C10 MkII, almost a year ago, the model has grown even more popular, as it offers three different multi-room systems, including AirPlay 2 and Google Cast, as well as our own Audio Pro multiroom. Of course, it’s also nice that we can tease the visual mind by displaying different colours on the speaker.

“Because we want the speaker to be a part of the interior scheme, we try to offer many different types of design, and thus many different colours, so that there is a speaker best suited to the look of the home. We’ve noticed a lot of interest in our limited editions, perhaps because they are often classified as unusual colours. Not everyone wants a speaker that is black or grey. And, of course, we agree.”

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