This new Audio Pro Bluetooth portable is the ultimate travel companion

Audio Pro P5 wireless speaker on a beach front

Swedish Hi-Fi maker Audio Pro has launched its smallest Bluetooth speaker yet. The travel friendly, splash-resistant P5 joins the brand’s transportable Addon C3 and T3+ wireless speakers, offering greater portability. 

Measuring just 22 x 10cm, the neat-looking wireless speaker can be popped into a bag or luggage, ideal for entertaining during summer picnics or beachdays. Battery life is rated at 18 hours.

Both wind and rain resistant, the P5 won’t struggle in inclement weather or flinch at poolside parties. A wrist strap makes it easy to cart around, or hang from any convenient peg when out and about.

Both wind and rain resistant, the P5 won’t struggle in inclement weather or flinch at poolside parties…

Audio Pro P5 hangs from a shower head on the beach by its wrist strap

The brand already offers portable speakers, but they’re rather too large to take on the average day trip. “Only the most committed Audio Pro fans might dedicate enough space in their suitcases to these when going on holiday,” quips Jens Henriksen, CCO.

The Scandinavian specialist says the new launch follows customers demanding a more compact Audio Pro speaker that still delivered the signature musical performance the Swedish company is known for. 

Packing a beefy 35W amplifier, and using a custom 3.2-inch long throw woofer, the P5 is said to deliver a better bass response than you might expect from such a small speaker. 

The Audio Pro P5 sells for £140 and is available from

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