Revealed: 9 of the world’s most stunning pools to cool off in

With the arrival of summer, temperatures rising, and our wanderlust at an all-time high, we’re yearning for a refreshing dip more than ever.

While we waggle our toes in The Luxe Review towers’s paddling pool (it’s got its own inflatable palm tree, but we sadly must admit that it hasn’t got the best-in-class status that these suggestions do), we’re dreaming of cooling off in some of the most spectacular swimming pools in the world.

From decadent dips in ultra-luxe beach clubs, to stunning rooftop views and secluded, natural oases, here are nine pools to dunk in when the sun’s out. 

These swimming spots really make a splash… 

Rochester Falls, Mauritius

Rochester Falls for wild swimmers

These falls were named after Mr. Rochester, from Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre – and are even more enchanting than their namesake.  Nestled between the towns of St. Félix and Souillac in the Savanne district of southern Mauritius, the Rochester Falls, are renowned for the jagged rectangular rock formations carved over hundreds of years by the force of the cascading waters.  Wild swimmers can wade in the spray of the cascading waters of the Savanne River while taking in the spectacular view of the surrounding forest. Set in the lush green landscape of inland Mauritius, Rochester Falls are the widest waterfalls in Mauritius – the route to reach them traverses rugged terrain, but the rewarding swim at the end is worth the journey. Visitors can self-drive and hike to the falls or take a day tour. For prime pre-visit viewing, the falls also famously feature in numerous Bollywood films! 

Sagamore Pendry Hotel, Baltimore

The place for cocktails and grilled snacks

We’re told guests can dip their toes into the Sagamore Pendry hotel pool while snacking on seasonal grilled food, sipping on cocktails, and looking out onto panoramic views of Baltimore’s harbour and city skyline. It’s a winning proposition. The hotel’s deck and pool is perched at the end of the Recreation Pier, providing guests with the best urban views around… all of which can be taken in from the luxury of a private cabana bed.  Our order’s a Georgia Mule.

La Zanja (The Ditch), Fajardo, Puerto Rico

The Ditch – not any old ditch

Perhaps one of the most Instagram-able places in Puerto Rico, La Zanja (aka The Ditch) in Fajardo, is an off-the-beaten-path wonder. It’s a natural pool created from the waves of the Atlantic Ocean crashing onto the rocks and filling in the long ditch-like indentation. Although a 30-minute hike to get to La Zanja, the beauty of this hidden gem will not disappoint travellers, providing a secluded ‘ocean pool’ to paddle in.

Grand Ferdinand Hotel, Vienna

Nice view, heated pool

We’re in awe of the unparalleled views of Vienna, from the Grand Ferdinand Hotel’s heated rooftop pool. Perched on top of the centrally located boutique hotel, this pool offers guests unrivalled rooftop views of Vienna’s historic architecture. Located alongside the Grand Étage restaurant, visitors are invited to enjoy fine wine and dining when relaxing poolside.

Slide Rock State Park, Arizona

Slide rock – Credit: Christopher Passero

Arizona has plenty of national parks that offer the chance to escape the bustling cities nearby and retreat into nature. Between the dramatic rocky outcrops and vast desert landscapes, you’ll find tranquil rivers and waterfalls dotted around, enticing enough to dive right in. One of Arizona’s most popular wild swimming spots can be found in Slide Rock State Park, just outside Sedona. Aptly named, the park is home to Slide Rock at Oak Creek with its 80-foot-long slippery red sandstone chute which has been worn away over the years, creating the perfect natural water slide. Adventure seekers can take on the chute, as families swim or paddle to cool off after a stroll through the high desert shrubbery.

Saadiyat Beach Club, Abu Dhabi

The stunning Saadiyat Beach Club infinity pool

One of the most glamorous spots to be seen at in all of Abu Dhabi is the stylish Saadiyat Beach Club (also pictured top) – a private beach club right on Saadiyat Beach, where endangered Hawksbill turtles come to nest each year. The club offers members and day visitors a spa, gym, four restaurants, lounges, and access to the stunning white sand beach. But, Saadiyat Beach Club’s most popular attraction is its enticing 650 square-metre infinity edge pool, which overlooks the dunes, surrounded by cosy daybeds and private cabanas. Come the weekend, DJs play throughout the afternoon, making this spot the perfect place to relax with a cocktail.   

L27 Rooftop Lounge, The Westin, Nashville

The view from Nashville’s highest pool

The pool at L27 Rooftop Lounge, located on the 27th floor of The Westin Nashville, is Nashville’s highest rooftop pool, offering sweeping skyline views of Music City. After undergoing a redesign in 2018 to revamp the interior and poolside terrace, L27 offers an elegant poolside experience with a glass-enclosed dipping pool surrounded by daybeds and loungers, as well as private cabanas and booths. A stairwell leads up to a smaller lounge on the 28th floor, where you can get even better views of the city and relax on comfy couches with a signature cocktail, such as the Cucumber Lemon Julep, Prosecco Pop (a prosecco-dipped popsicle), and the jalapeno-infused Bee Sting. 

Omaanda, Namibia

Omaanda is a dream resort – Credit: Zannier Hotels

Namibia, at the southern tip of Africa is one of the most remote destinations on the planet. The country boasts the second lowest population density in the world. With views of the vast desert that seem to go on forever, the destination pairs perfectly with an infinity pool to relax and truly soak up the views. A shimmering infinity pool overlooking a glorious expanse of savannah sets the show-stopping scene on arrival at Omaanda, situated on the private Zannier Reserve. Namibia is also home to an International Dark Sky Reserve and the navy night sky which is full of stars is mirrored in the pool at the lodge. Omaanda is a dream vacation built for pausing, relaxing, and drowning out the sounds of an ever-noisy world. Whether that escape be by the pool, in one of the private thatched ‘huts’ that have taken inspiration from Owambo tribe or on a private game drive deep into the desert.

Lakes of the USA

Credit: Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism

While the United States boasts vast stretches of ocean coastline, you might not realise that  there is also a vibrant beach scene in the interior of the country. Beautiful lakes can be found around the USA, from Alabama to Nevada. In Chicago, Illinois, the shoreline of Lake Michigan is a beehive of activity during the warmer months, which encompasses 26 beaches that are excellent for swimming. Lake Tuscaloosa is a nearly 2,400-hectare reservoir with 285 kilometres of shoreline, located in west-central Alabama and is a great destination for year-round swimming, given the warm climate. Lake Tahoe’s crystal-clear waters and mountainous surroundings are beautiful at any time of year, but to truly take advantage of the largest alpine lake in North America, visit during the warmer months for a swim on the California-Nevada border. Near the geographic centre of the country, Clinton State Park is home to Clinton Lake, which beckons summer visitors with cool, clear water that is ideal for swimming.

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