Best selling video titles 2021: No Time to Die and Wonder Woman 1984 reign supreme

James Bond and Wonder Woman dominated UK home entertainment in 2021, according to year end data released by industry body BASE.  Daniel Craig’s final outing as 007, No Time To Die, was the biggest selling video title of the year (selling 1,148,000 units, disc and digital) while Wonder Woman 1984 was the best-selling rental title, in a year that racked up 27.4 million digital rental (VOD) transactions.

No Time to Die took £96 million at the UK Box Office, then went on to score the biggest Blu-ray and DVD week one release since 2017, with 621,000 units sold, and was the biggest selling title of the year on Download and Keep, with sales of over 430,000. On Blu-ray, Bond sold 237,000 units, of which 15 per cent were 4k UHD, making it the largest week one ever delivered on 4k UHD. 

Industry analytics reveal that 2021 was a bumper year for home video. Its value rose to £3.7 billion, up 13.3 per cent Year on Year. Perhaps the boom is to be expected, driven largely by lockdown restrictions and shuttered cinemas. 

Box set sales also soared in 2022. Game of Thrones Complete 8th SeasonSupernatural: The Complete 15th Season, Star Trek Picard: Season One, and The Crown: Season Four and Season Three collectively sold 189k units. 

Things are looking good for home entertainment in 2022, with Spiderman: No Way Home expected to be an early blockbuster. The MCU star currently has a cumulative UK Box Office of £72m, and is the first blockbuster to break the global $1 billion threshold since Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker in 2019.  

Industry analytics reveal that 2021 was a bumper year for home video. Its value rose to £3.7 billion…

Daniel Craig as James Bond drives a DB5 in No Time to Die
Bond drives to success in No Time To Die

Official Video Chart 2021 (All Digital; Blu-ray and DVD, Download & Keep and VOD)
1 No time to Die
2 Wonder Woman 1984

3 Peter Rabbit 2
4 Godzilla Vs Kong
5 Tenet

Official Video Chart 2021 (All Digital Retail; Blu-ray and DVD, Download & Keep)
1 No time to Die 
2 Peter Rabbit 2
3 Wonder Woman 1984
4 Godzilla Vs Kong
5 Zack Synder’s Justice League  

Official Video Chart 2021 (All Blu-ray & DVD)
1 No time to Die 
2 Black Widow
3 Wonder Woman 1984
4 Peter Rabbit 2
5 Fast & Furious 9

Official DVD Chart 2021
1 No time to Die 
2 Peter Rabbit 2
3 Black Widow
4 Fast & Furious 9
5 Wonder Woman 1984

Official Blu-ray Chart 2021
1 No time to Die
2 Zack Synder’s Justice League  
3 Black Widow
4 Wonder Woman 1984
5 The Suicide Squad

Official TV on Video Chart 2021
1 Star Trek Picard Season One
2 The Crown: Season Four
3 The Crown: Season Three
4 Game of Thrones: Complete 8th Season5 Supernatural: The Complete 15th Season

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