The Beatles, Bowie and Taylor Swift top Qobuz 2021 Hi-Res Audio streaming charts

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High-resolution music streaming and download service Qobuz has unveiled its 50 most-streamed titles and top 10 most-streamed albums, as well as its top 10 most played bands and female and male artists of 2021, and classic acts are very much to the fore.

Perhaps unsurprisingly The Beatles top the list of the most played bands of 2021, with Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, London Grammar and The Rolling Stones making the top 5. 

Indie pop band London Grammar had the most streamed album of the year with Californian Soil and their song of the same name was the second most streamed track of 2021. 

Taylor Swift took first place in the Top Female Artists list, closely followed by Norah Jones, Diana Krall, Lana Del Rey and Joni Mitchell. Taylor Swift’s re-recordings Fearless (Taylors Version) and Red (Taylors Version) have helped her reach the top spot. With plans to bring out a further four re-recorded albums, there’s clearly more chart domination to follow.  

“Unmissable stars and young talents meet in the Top Female Artists of 2021 in a collection of musicians who could not be more eclectic. Between the pop mixed with folk of Taylor Swift and the sensual jazz of Norah Jones, the vintage soul of Amy Winehouse, the melancholic pop of Billie Eilish and the intimate folk of Joni Mitchell, the Top Female Artists of 2021 may differ in many ways but they all show a common theme in expressing themselves through the music they have made,” says Marc Zisman, Chief Editor at Qobuz.

Perhaps unsurprisingly The Beatles top the list of the most played bands of 2021…

London Grammar band pose in the sunset
London Grammar had the most streamed album of the year, says Qobuz

When it comes to Top Male Artists, David Bowie took the top spot with Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Van Morrison all in the top 5. German-British composer Max Richter was the second most streamed male artist of 2021. His album, Exiles released this year, proved a hit with Qobuz listeners with the track ‘Richter: Exiles’ being the most streamed of 2021.

Marc Zisman, Chief Editor at Qobuz: “Five years after his death, David Bowie, whose albums are almost all available in Hi-Res quality, remains as popular as ever on Qobuz. It is also no surprise to find Neil Young in the Top Male Artists of 2021, his music has shown itself to be timeless and Young himself is passionate about Hi-Res. This year also marked 30 years since the acclaimed Jazz musician Miles Davis died, yet his discography (of which is almost all available in Hi-Res) has been  proven to possess an eternal modernity. Finally, it is Max Richter’s neo-classic which makes a remarkable entry into the Top Male Artists of 2021.”  

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Top Female Artists of 2021

  1. Taylor Swift
  2. Norah Jones
  3. Diana Krall
  4. Lana Del Rey
  5. Joni Mitchell
  6. Melody Gardot
  7. Billie Eilish
  8. Amy Winehouse
  9. Ella Fitzgerald
  10. Adele

Top Male Artists of 2021

  1. David Bowie
  2. Max Richter
  3. Bob Dylan
  4. Neil Young
  5. Van Morrison
  6. Bruce Springsteen
  7. Miles Davis
  8. Elton John
  9. Víkingur Ólafsson
  10. Eric Clapton

Top Tracks of 2021

  1. Max Richter – ‘Richter: Exiles’
  2. London Grammar – ‘Californian Soil’
  3. Eagles – ‘Hotel California’
  4. Fleetwood Mac – ‘Dreams’
  5. Phil Collins – ‘In the Air Tonight’
  6. Daft Punk – ‘Get Lucky’
  7. Marvin Gaye – ‘What’s Going On’
  8. Billie Eilish – ‘bad guy’
  9. The Doors – ‘Riders on the Storm’
  10. Melody Gardot – ‘If You Love Me’

Top Bands of 2021

  1. The Beatles
  2. Pink Floyd
  3. Fleetwood Mac
  4. London Grammar
  5. The Rolling Stones
  6. Radiohead
  7. Dire Straits
  8. Eagles
  9. Coldplay
  10. ABBA

  Top Albums of 2021

  1. London Grammar – Californian Soil
  2. Fleetwood Mac – Rumours
  3. Wolf Alice – Blue Weekend
  4. Pink Floyd – The Dark Side Of The Moon
  5. Moby – Reprise
  6. The Beatles – Abbey Road
  7. Melody Gardot – Sunset In The Blue
  8. Lana Del Rey – Chemtrails Over The Country Club
  9. Billie Eilish – Happier Than Ever (Explicit)
  10. Pink Floyd – The Wall
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