Annabel’s x Damien Hirst: Treasures Collection unearthed at Mayfair club for Frieze London

Damien Hurst's Minnie and Goofy at Annabel's

Private Members’ Club Annabel’s is collaborating with Damien Hirst to host an exclusive presentation of rarely seen work by the artist, as part of Frieze London 2021. Members and guests will be able to view Hirst’s sculptures throughout the Mayfair club until October 24.  

Annabel’s is showcasing Hirst’s Gold and Silver sculptures from ‘Treasures.’ First seen in 2017, the collection presents sculptural relics from a fictional shipwreck off the coast of East Africa; the artist plays fast and loose with linear time, cultural origin, and perceptions of relative status and value. 

We’re told: ‘Sparking unexpected interactions between ancient and modern, Hirst’s ‘Treasures’ exemplifies the idea of myth making that lies at the core of culture, both high and low.’

The collection presents sculptural relics from a fictional shipwreck off the coast of East Africa…

Damien Hirst's Egyptian Cat takes up residence at Annabel's
Damien Hirst’s Cat (Egyptian) looks purr-fect at Annabel’s

In the reception, guests are greeted by the formaldehyde artwork ‘Peace.’ Seven additional works are located throughout the Club. They shouldn’t be hard to spot: ‘Hathor’ resides on the mantelpiece in the Rose Room, while ‘Minnie’ and ‘Goofy,’ carved out of pink Portuguese marble and encrusted with painted barnales, offer greetings at the entrance.

Works such as ‘Chinese Elephant’ and ‘Cat (Egyptian)’ appear perfectly at home amid the unapologetic opulence of the Annabel’s rooms and the animal theme used throughout. 

Damien Hirst's Hathor at Annabel's
Hathor on the mantlepiece

Since the late 1980’s, Damien Hirst has used installation, sculpture, painting and drawing to explore the complex relationship between art, life and death. Of his work, Hirst says: “Art’s about life and it can’t really be about anything else … there isn’t anything else”

Founded in 1963, Annabel’s has long celebrated culture and fine art. This partnership toasts that heritage, say organisers. 

Damien Hirst at Annabel's
The Damien Hirst showcase is available to view until October 24

In 2018, Annabel’s opened the doors to its new home, a Grade I listed Georgian mansion house, at 46 Berkeley Square, just two doors down from its original location, where it opened in 1963. 

The Club has five restaurants, including a garden eatery with retracting glass roof, The Mexican and Matteo’s, an Italian restaurant that pays homage to the original Annabel’s In terms of design, and boasts the world’s biggest selection of Sassicaia, Monfortino and Dom Perignon.

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Damien Hirst presentation at Annabel’s London, photographed by Prudence Cuming Associates Ltd

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