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Cabasse unveils stunning Pearl Pelegrina connected speaker, limited to 70 pairs

A pair of Cabasse Pearl Pelegrina speakers positioned either side of a small TV in a designer living room

High-end French Hi-Fi maker Cabasse has unveiled the Pearl Pelegrina, a stunning £22,599 stereo loudspeaker.

Cabasse has an enviable reputation for luxury audio products, having been an early advocate of luxe listening back in 2006 with its La Sphere; these new additions to its line are suitably premium.  

Arriving in time to mark the company’s 70th anniversary, this limited-edition connected speaker, named after one of the world’s most revered pearls, is crafted from exclusive materials to offer a fabulous finish to match its immersive audio performance.

Conceived, designed and custom-built by the brand’s team in Brittany, the new model stands almost 130cm tall, its sphere and base measuring 48cm in diameter. Overall weight is a reassuringly hefty 45kg.

These posh Pearl’s are distinguished by spherical design and Lissajous curve stand. Like all speakers in the Cabasse Pearl collection, the Pelegrina features a custom cut polished mirror metal band that encircles its sphere. 

Named after one of the world’s most revered pearls, the Pelegrina is crafted from exclusive materials to offer a fabulous finish…

Cabasse Pearl Pelegrina speakers alongside a high end record deck and tape machine
Stream your favourite music to the Cabasse Pearl Pelegrina

Audio is generated by a coaxial midrange tweeter and 30cm woofer, its Pearl Pelegrina’s onboard DAC supports up to 32-bit/768 kHz. The fancy floorstander can generate a prodigious 134dB SPL, making it suitable for large listening spaces.  

Craftily, all electronics are hidden from sight, in the base. Every speaker pair bears brushed aluminium numbered plates to identify their limited edition. Cabasse says it will create only 70 pairs of the Pelegrina, making this a rarefied offering, even by Cabasse’s lofty standards.

Cabasse Pearl Pelegrina speakers being tested in an anechoic chamber
The Pearl Pelegrina’s are designed, built and tested in Brittany

Niceties include a protective cover, Bluetooth remote control, and CRCS calibration with integrated microphone. Naturally, they also work with the brand’s streamCONTROL music streaming app.

Available through Henley Audio, the Pearl Pelegrina is available in black or white from October 2021 in the UK and the ROI, priced £22,599 and €25,000 per pair, respectively.

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