High-end L-Acoustics earbuds promise signature live music sound and rock star credibility

Hailed as the perfect pocket-size reference earphone for rock stars, sound professionals and serious music lovers, the limited edition Contour XO from L-Acoustics Creations, a division of pro audio specialist L-Acoustics, are more in-ear monitor than conventional earbud.

Employing a 10-driver array for precise low end bass adjustment and class-leading detail and clarity, the promise is accurate, distortion-free playback, able to ‘deliver the intense emotional impact of live music’. 

That’s quite a claim for personal audio, but L-Acoustics has an enviable reputation when it comes to delivering sound in some of the largest concert venues in the world.

Employing a 10-driver array the promise is accurate, distortion-free playback with precise low-end bass…

The Contour XOI is made with jeweller-like precision

The Contour XO is the result of a collaboration between Jerry Harvey of JH Audio and Dr Christian Heil, creator of L- Acoustics. Both have pioneered technologies that effectively transformed the concert experience, for musicians and music fans alike.

JH Audio produce multi-driver in-ear monitors, as used by the Rolling Stones, Billie Eilish and Post Malone, while L-Acoustics redefined the sound of live music with its high performance PA systems using proprietary line array Wave Sculpting Technology. 

L- Acoustics sound systems have been used at Coachella, the Hollywood Bowl, Austin City Limits and the Hammersmith (nay Eventim) Apollo.

“I’ve been trying to make my in-ears sound like an L-Acoustics PA for years,” says Jerry Harvey. “It wasn’t until their team challenged us that we got as close as we could. The L-Acoustics R&D team has been great to work with!”

“I was impressed by the jeweller-like precision with which JH Audio could tune to match our frequency contour in such a miniaturised enclosure,” adds Heil. “There’s a very generous, deep low-end contour and a high-end extension that I’ve never heard on an IEM before. The sound is natural and powerful!”

The Contour XO is available exclusively via the L-Acoustics eStore, selling for €1,350 and €1,690 plus tax, for universal or custom fit respectively.

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