Diesel makes True Wireless debut with fashionable Bluetooth earbuds

A young man wearing Diesel earbuds out in the street

Italian fashion brand Diesel is getting into consumer electronics, starting with True Wireless earbuds. 

Available in either black or livid red colour variations, with distinctive silver logo, the Diesel TWS buds boast a battery life of eight hours, with the charging case holding a 24 hour reserve for topping up while stored.   

The buds charge over USB-C, however wireless charging support is standard, with the case compatible with any QI wireless charger. Bluetooth is version 5.0. The earbuds are sweat and splash-resistant, and are equipped with an integrated voice assistant. However they don’t offer any noise cancellation.

Available in black or livid red colour variations, with distinctive silver logo, the Diesel TWS buds boast a battery life of eight hours…

A close up of bright red Diesel earbuds in their charging case
Diesel moves into mobile gadgets with True Wireless buds

The True Wireless buds have been launched in collaboration with Netherlands-based Telecom Lifestyle Fashion (TLF).

“Diesel is a globally recognised fashion brand with a distinct identity and a demographically diverse fanbase,” says Morsin Otmani, CEO & Co-Founder. “We’re excited to launch mobile tech accessories under the Diesel brand and we have no doubt we will see strong demand.”  

An international lifestyle company, Diesel produces an extensive collection of jeans, clothing and accessories. Since its launch in 1978, the fashion brand has moved from predominantly denim into premium casual wear, positioning itself as an alternative to the established luxury market.  

The £99.95 True Wireless earbuds are available from Amazon here.

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