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Gaggia launches limited anniversary edition of Classic espresso maker

Gaggia Classic 30 anniversary edition espresso maker with box and art print

Espresso coffee machine innovator Gaggia has released a 30th anniversary edition of the Classic, its original home espresso machine. First launched in 1991, the Classic allowed enthusiasts to become baristas at home, with authentic coffee shop shots.

30 years on, the Italian coffee machine market leader has produced a limited edition version of just 3,000 individually numbered pieces. 

The Gaggia Classic 30 sports an illo of three acrobats by Italian artist Pierpaolo Gaballo, with each machine also signed by the artist. Pierpaolo said that he chose an acrobat as he saw a clear parallel with the barista: “The home barista is also an artist, using their Gaggia Classic to make  perfect Italian espresso by combining wise preparation with dexterity, practice and a fine balance of the elements… just like an acrobat”. 

A frameable copy of Pierpaolo’s original art is also included with each machine, printed on high-quality ‘Tintoretto Neve 300g’  paper. 

The Gaggia Classic was arguably the first prosumer manual coffee machine – easy enough to use by the enthusiastic amateur at home, while offering enough professional features to satisfy the serious coffee aficionado. It’s become a design classic

The Gaggia Classic 30 features an illo by Italian artist Pierpaolo Gaballo and is limited to 3,000 pieces…

  • A Gaggia Classic 30_Limited Edition espresso machine ready to brew

As with the original, this new edition is made mainly from metal, making it both durable and easy to clean and maintain. True to form, the specification of this latest edition reflects its enduring semi-pro appeal. It features a traditional style boiler with an oversized heating element, so it comes to temperature quickly,  and a professional style chromed brass group and filter holder, to guarantee optimal coffee temperature throughout the entire brewing process.

The Classic also keeps the iconic three-way solenoid valve, which ensures users can maintain a constant control of water pressure inside the filter-holder, while perfectly drying coffee pucks, making their removal and cleaning easier at the end of the brewing process. 

Achille Gaggia patented the first electric pump driven coffee system in 1938 to become Father of the modern Espresso  Machine. For more than 80 years Gaggia has been supplying both bars and homes with state-of-the-art coffee machines. 

Visit Selfridges here to look at the full range of Gaggia coffee makers.  The celebratory Gaggia Classic 30 is exclusively available here, priced £499.

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