London calling: Rock up to pop-up store for free vinyl records says Smarty Mobile

A visitor to the Smarty Mobile Record Day Store pop-up opens a mystery record package

SIM-only network Smarty Mobile is opening a pop-up store in London ahead of Record Store Day, and offering all visitors a free vinyl album.

The catch is you don’t know what you’ll get, as every platter comes in a sealed sleeve, to encourage music lovers to break listening habits and find new favourites 

New research shows that restricted access to live music and record stores since the pandemic has meant the nation has fallen into a musical rut, listening to the same tracks over and over again. 

The Smarty Disc-overy store, in partnership with Record Store Day (which takes place July 17), wants to ‘energise music lovers with new discoveries and serendipity.’ We’re told that amongst the shop’s collection will be rare, collectible albums, and special editions, so that should tempt collectors.

The store will also feature listening stations for customers to listen to the latest additions to their collections, while a DJ will take requests.  We think it sounds like a lot of fun. 

The catch is you don’t know what you’ll get, as every platter comes in a sealed sleeve…

The Smarty album sleeve hides a Bjork vinyl record
Can you guess the mystery album?

New data released by UK record labels association, the BPI, details how music consumption has boomed during the COVID pandemic lockdowns of 2020, up by 8.2 per cent in 2020, with 155 million albums or their equivalent either streamed or purchased by fans, including 139 billion audio streams, 16 million CDs, nearly 5 million vinyl LPs, and over 150,000 cassettes.  

Respondents to the BPI survey who listened to music were asked why it was so important to them during lockdown. As many as half  said they listened to music to raise their spirits, with 42 per cent  citing music’s ability to help them to relax or sleep.  Four in 10 said music helped to alleviate boredom, while 27 per cent used it as an aid to boost concentration when working or studying.

The Smarty Disc-overy store pops up July 16, at 19 Air Street, London, W1B 5AG (nearest tube is Piccadilly Circus). The pop-up is free for all, every visitor will be gifted with a surprise vinyl.

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